Year 1043 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. Spring – Emperor Constantine IX sends a Byzantine expeditionary force to the Balkans against the rebellious George Maniakes, governor of the Catepanate of Italy; the two armies meet near Thessaloniki in northern Greece. The rebel army – better organized and with superior leadership – fights successful, but Maniakes is killed by an arrow at the moment of his triumph. After this, his army is routed. Rus'–Byzantine War: A Kievan Rus' naval raid, led by Grand Prince Vladimir Yaraslavich, unsuccessfully attacks Constantinople. A 6,000-strong Kievan contingent under Vyshata is defeated and deported to the capital. Spring – A grand assembly at Melfi, with all the Norman and Lombard nobles acclaim Guaimar IV, duke of Apulia and Calabria; the territories are distributed among Norman chieftains. William I is granted Ascoli as a private fiefdom and his brother Drogo of Hauteville is granted Venosa. Count Rainulf II of Aversa, not present at the assembly, receives Siponto and recognizes Guaimar's suzerainty.

Grand Prince Yaroslav I of Kiev makes an agreement with Duke Casimir I of Poland that recognizes Chervyen as part of Kiev. The agreement is sealed with a double marriage – Casimir to Maria Dobroniega, Iziaslav to Gertrude, Casimir's sister. November 21 – King Henry III marries Agnes of Poitou at the Imperial Palace at Ingelheim am Rhein, she is his second wife. April 3 – Edward the Confessor is crowned king of England at Winchester Cathedral, he learns that his mother, Queen Emma is plotting with Magnus the Good – to take control of the English throne. Edward strips her land and treasure; the Seljuqs under Tughril Beg conquer Qazvin. They become the new masters of the Ziyarid Dynasty; the first king of the Kingdom of Nri, Eze Nri Ìfikuánim, is installed in West Africa. In China, the statesmen Ouyang Xiu and Fan Zhongyan put forth the Qingli Reforms during the Song Dynasty, which are halted by 1045. Abu Muhammad al-Baghawi, Persian hadith scholar Áurea of San Millán, Spanish anchorite and saint Fulk IV, French nobleman Furong Daokai, Chinese Zen Buddhist monk Isaac ben Reuben Albargeloni, Spanish Jewish rabbi Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, Spanish nobleman February 14 – Gisela of Swabia, Holy Roman Empress February 20 – Alexios Stoudites, patriarch of Constantinople June 26 – Gonzalo Sánchez, Spanish nobleman July 26 – Moses the Hungarian, Kievan Russian monk Al-Muqtana Baha'uddin, Druze religious leader Cathal mac Ruaidhri, king of Maigh Seóla George Maniakes, Byzantine general and governor Hallvard Vebjørnsson, Norwegian patron saint Hywel ab Owain, king of Glywysing

Kaoru Tada

Kaoru Tada, was a Japanese manga artist. Tada made her debut in 1977, when still a high school student, on Shueisha's "Deluxe Margaret" magazine. Tada's stories belong to the shōjo genre of manga and feature love stories centred on young female characters and their love interests; the storylines are characterised by essential and sharp drawings. Some of Tada's most popular works are Itazura na Kiss and Kimi no na wa Debora. Ai Shite Knight portrays the Japanese rock music scene of the early 1980s; the anime series based on Ai Shite Knight was the first to feature original songs performed within the episodes. Another of Tada's works, Miihaa Paradise, is set in the rock'n' roll world. Itazura na Kiss - begun in 1991 and never completed - was by far Tada's most successful work in Japan, it tells the love story between Naoki from high school until after their marriage. The series inspired an illustrated art book and two novels written by Nori Harata and published in Shueisha's "Cobalt" series. In 1996 a live action Japanese TV series based on Itazura na Kiss was produced, starring Aiko Sato as Kotoko and Takashi Kashiwabara as Naoki.

In 2005, the series was adapted into a Taiwanese drama under the name of It Started with a Kiss with lead actors Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin, in 2008 an anime was released. This series was adapted into a Korean drama called Playful Kiss with lead actors Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min. In 2013, a Japanese adaptation titled Itazura na Kiss - Love in Tokyo, starring Furukawa Yuki as Irie Naoki and Miki Honoka as Aihara Kotoko was released. In 2015, a Thailand adaptation entitled Kiss Me starring Mike D. Angelo as Tenten and Sushar Manaying as Taliw was aired and has earned the attention of fans from around the world. Kaoru Tada died in 1999 of a cerebral hemorrhage. While moving to a new residence, she fell into a coma. Three weeks she died at age 38. Ai Shite Night, 愛してナイト, serialized in Margaret, 1981–83, 7 volumes Itazura na Kiss, イタズラなKiss, Margaret, 1991-99, 23 volumes Itazura na Kiss Irasuto Shuu, 多田かおるイラスト集 イタズラなKiss, artbook published by Shueisha, 1 volume Kawaii Ojisama, Margaret, 1 volume Kimagure Enjeru, きまぐれエンジェル, Margaret, 1 volume Kimi no Na wa Debora, 君の名はデボラ, Margaret, 1988, 2 volumes Debora ga Raibaru, デボラがライバル, Margaret, 1996–1998, 4 volumes Sabishigariya no Deborah, さびしがりやのデボラ, Margaret, 1 volume Horeru Yo!

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Hal Williams

Halroy Candis Williams is an American actor, best known for his recurring role as Police Officer Smith on Sanford and Son and as the patriarch Lester Jenkins, the husband of Marla Gibbs's character, on the NBC sitcom 227. Born and raised in Columbus, Williams worked as a postal worker and corrections officer before moving to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. Williams started in the acting business in 1969. Since he has appeared in movies such as Paul Schrader's Hardcore, Howard Zieff's Private Benjamin, Clint Eastwood's The Rookie, he was controversially fired from The Jimmy Stewart Show in 1971 at the insistence of its star, James Stewart. In the early to mid-1990s, he starred in many of comic Sinbad's productions, including The Sinbad Show and The Cherokee Kid, he played. Hal Williams on IMDb Williams talks about his role in Bernie Mac movie "Guess Who" on website