Year 1044 was a leap year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. July 6 – Battle of Ménfő: German troops under King Henry III defeat the Hungarian army led by King Samuel Aba who flees the field, but is captured and killed. Peter Orseolo becomes a vassal of the Holy Roman Empire. Summer – Geoffrey II, count of Anjou, captures the city of Tours and takes control of the county of Touraine; the Chinese military treatise of the Wujing Zongyao is written and compiled by scholars Zeng Gongliang, Ding Du, Yang Weide, during the Song Dynasty. It is the first book in history to include formulas for gunpowder, its use for various bombs, it describes the double-piston pump flamethrower and a thermoremanence compass, a few decades before Shen Kuo wrote of the first known magnetic mariner's compass. Although emphasizing the importance of many weapons, it reserves high respect for the crossbow, the ability of crossbowmen to fell charging units of nomadic cavalrymen. August 11 – King Anawrahta seizes the throne of the Pagan Empire at Bagan in Burma.

September – A second Roman uprising forces Pope Benedict IX out of Rome. He is succeeded by the new elected -Pope Sylvester III. Abelard of Hauteville, Italo-Norman nobleman Trahaearn ap Caradog, king of Gwynedd Władysław I Herman, duke of Poland January 14 – Adelaide I, abbess of Quedlinburg April 19 – Gothelo I, duke of Lorraine July 6 – Samuel Aba and king of Hungary August 11 – Sokkate, king of the Pagan Empire November 14 – Thietmar of Hildesheim, German bishop Abu'l-Husayn al-Basri, Mu'tazilite faqih and theologian Rajendra Chola I, emperor of the Chola Dynasty Sharif al-Murtaza, Buyid Shia scholar Zhao Yuanyan, prince of the Song Dynasty

Bernard Coy

Bernard Paul "Barney" Coy was a bank robber and federal prisoner best known as the planner of a failed escape attempt from Alcatraz, on May 2, 1946 which turned into a bloody two day armed confrontation leaving Coy, two fellow would-be escapees and two prison guards dead. Coy was a native of Kentucky who turned to crime during the Great Depression and, in 1937, was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, he was transferred to Alcatraz from Atlanta in 1938 and was given the position of cell-house orderly which allowed him access through most of the main cell-block on Alcatraz. This relative freedom allowed him to spot a tiny flaw in one of the prison's security features, the bars of the gun-gallery overlooking the cell house. Coy along with Joe Cretzer, Marvin Hubbard, Sam Shockley, Miran Thompson, Clarence Carnes planned to break into the gun galleries to steal weapons, take hostages and flee to the dock, he was successful in creating a makeshift bar-spreader that enabled him to get through the weak bars that protected the gun galleries and overpower the unsuspecting guard on his return from investigating a fabricated incident caused by Shockley in the prison's secure unit, D-Block.

The prisoners now had one Springfield rifle, one.45 caliber semi-automatic handgun but the most important item supposed to be held in the cage was the key to the yard door of the prison from which the convicts expected to make their way to the island's dock to seize the prison's boat. However, Bill Miller, one of the nine guards held hostage in two cells had, contrary to regulations, held on to the yard door key to let out kitchen staff without having to disturb the gallery guard at lunch instead of returning it to the gun gallery; the escape attempt was thus foiled inadvertently as although the prisoners found the key following a search of the captive guards and cells, the door would not open because it had been jammed by trying the lock with different keys. The escapees held several guards hostage; the struggle between prison authorities and the group of prisoners turned into a violent stand-off, that became known as the Battle of Alcatraz or "Alcatraz Blastout". After two days, prison guards regained control of the prison and the body of Coy was found in a utility corridor along with those of Cretzer and Hubbard.

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Alberrt Antoni

Albert is an Indian film director. His debut film as a director is critically acclaimed Kanne Madanguka, he is the director of Nairsan, a forthcoming Indo-Japanese historical film, based on the legendary Indian freedom fighter A. M. Nair, popularly known as Nairsan in Japan, with the rare combination of Jackie Chan, Mohanlal and A. R. Rahman. Albert is now in Mudavanmugal, Kerala, he was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Albert native and did his schooling in Marthandam and took his bachelor's degree from University and from the Govt. Film Institute of Chennai. Albert's debut film Kanne Madanguka was selected for Indian Panorama 2005 screened at the International Film Festival of India and other overseas film festivals 2005–2006, it won three Kerala State Film Awards for Best Best child artiste and Best processing. Albert is the man behind Nairsan. Having identified the story and having invested a lot of his time and money in research and backing, he is now raring to see the project go on the floors.

It has a rare combination of Jackie Chan and the Academy Award winner A. R. Rahman. Japan and India are the main locations of this huge budgeted project, his high-points of the film were winning the Aravindan Puraskaram Best debut Director award in 2005, Padmarajan Special Jury Award for best director and John Abraham special jury award. His passion and vision on Nairsan is complemented by his tremendous urge to be open and discover new eras on the subject and to create a international class Asian film, spanning many cultures and religions. Now he is in the post production work for his new project titled Vaadamalli. New faces are doing the central characters. Kanne Madanguka Vaadamalli Mudra, The Gesture - Short fiction Aravindan Puraskaram 2005: Best debut director award for Kanne MadangukaPadmarajan Special Jury Award 2006: Best Director Award for Kanne MadangukaJohn Abraham Special Jury Award 2005: Best Director Award for Kanne Madanguka Alberrt Antoni on IMDb