Year 1045 was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. Emperor Go-Reizei ascends the throne of Japan. Edward the Confessor marries Edith of Wessex, begins construction of Westminster Abbey in England. January 20 – Pope Sylvester III becomes the 146th pope, succeeding Benedict IX, who abdicated during the previous year. February – Pope Sylvester III is deposed. May 5 – Pope Gregory VI becomes the 148th pope, following the resignation of Pope Benedict IX in exchange for money. There are growing allegations. Movable type printing is invented by Bi Sheng in China; the Lingxiao Pagoda of China is built, during the Song Dynasty. The Qingli Reforms, put forth by the Chinese statesman Fan Zhongyan in 1043, are halted by their conservative ministerial peers, but will influence reform efforts under Wang Anshi. Stephen, Count of Blois Huang Tingjian, famous Chinese calligrapher and poet February 7 – Emperor Go-Suzaku of Japan May 27 – Bruno of Würzburg, imperial chancellor of Italy Hemma of Gurk, Austrian religious founder and countess Radbot, Count of Habsburg

2018 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour

The 2018 AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is a domestic professional beach volleyball circuit organized in the United States by the Association of Volleyball Professionals for the 2018 beach volleyball season. The 2018 AVP Tour calendar comprises a joint AVP-FIVB tournament, the "Gold Series" tournaments and the "Open" tournaments; this is the complete schedule of events on the 2018 calendar, with team progression documented from the semifinals stage. All tournaments consisted of single-elimination qualifying rounds followed by a double-elimination main draw. Key MiscellaneousAVP and Amazon signed an agreement to livestream every match from every AVP tournament on Amazon Prime for the next three seasons, starting with the 2018 season; the 2018 AVP Awards Banquet was held on November 15 in California. The season's top performers were chosen based on statistics, player votes and AVP national ranking points earned during the year


Fragmen is a 2014 album by Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza. It was her sixteenth studio album and her fifteenth Malay-language album, released physically on 30 June 2014 by Universal Music Group in a collaboration with her own record company, Siti Nurhaliza Productions. Most of the songs in the album is inspired by her life and experiences; the production of the album saw a collaboration between Malaysian and Indonesian composers and producers. Fragmen has spawned four singles for the Malaysian market, "Lebih Indah", "Jaga Dia Untukku", "Terbaik Bagimu" and "Seluruh Cinta". In 2014, "Lebih Indah" received two nominations from 2014 World Music Awards in the category of World's Best Song and World's Best Music Video. In the same year, on 17 October, "Lebih Indah" enabled Siti to win Best Artist and Best Song awards from 2014 Anugerah Planet Muzik. Four days on 21 October and its singles were nominated in six different categories for 2014 Anugerah Industri Muzik. On 6 December, "Lebih Indah" and Fragmen enabled Siti to win the Best Vocal Performance in a Song and Best Album from the 2014 Anugerah Industri Muzik.

Her winning for "Lebih Indah" marked the 12th time Siti winning the Best Vocal Performance in Song category. On 21 October 2014, Fragmen was launched in Indonesia. Additional track, a duet with Cakra Khan, "Seluruh Cinta" was released as Fragmen's first single for the Indonesian market on the same day; as of 27 August 2014, the album has been certified Platinum after it has been shipped for more than 10 000 copies. Less than three months Fragmen is estimated to be sold around 50 000 copies. Fragmen is Siti's first debut album through the collaboration of her own record company, Siti Nurhaliza Productions with Universal Music Group since July 2011; the production of the album took place in October 2012 with the release of "Galau" on 11 January 2013. Though it was released digitally in January 2013, "Galau" was first performed during Dato' Siti Nurhaliza – Live in Kuantan 2012 concert in November 2012. However, when Fragmen was slated for release on 30 June 2014, "Galau" was dropped from the final track list.

According to her management, the release of "Galau" was only intended as a promotional single to introduce the collaboration effort between Siti Nurhaliza Productions and Universal Music Group to the public and not suitable for inclusion due to the differences of musical direction. On 15 May, the first official single of the album, "Lebih Indah" was performed during the taping of her 90-minute special television program for Eid al-Fitr with TV2, Konsert Sanggar Lebaran Dato' Siti Nurhaliza; the show was aired much on 8 August. Recorded in 2013, the song is said to reflect the state of her emotions when she has to take care of her husband, involved in a motorcycle accident in New Zealand in December 2012. In July, Universal Music Group's A&R Director, Mujahid Abd Wahab revealed that the overall cost production that Universal has spent for this album reached RM 200 000. According to Mujahid, "The collaboration between Universal Music Malaysia and Siti is not only viewed from the sole perspective of profit only, in contrast, it is more than that.

Universal Music Malaysia is willing to spend a large amount of expenditure for the creation of Siti's newest album since she is the country's asset. As the best singer, it is fitting that the album matches her status." The RM 200 000 is said to only cover the production cost of the album alone. In the process of the creation of the album, the album saw a collaboration of musicians and technicians from multiple countries; the mastering of the album was done by Sterling Sound Studio in New York City. Ade Govinda, music composer from Indonesia who contributed "Terbaik Bagimu" is one of the producers for the album. Out of nine songs that are included in the album, three of them are chosen from her collaboration with "Bengkel Cipta Ekspres Badan Pelindung Hakcipta Karyawan Malaysia" on 25 April 2013. During the workshop, 10 music composers and 10 lyricists that were chosen were given three days to create 10 songs, before they were presented to Siti in order for her to evaluate their suitability to be included in her album.

This marked her second time collaborating with MACP to find new materials for her album since her last traditional album, Lentera Timur. Intended to be the tenth track for the album, "Seluruh Cinta", a duet with an Indonesia singer, Cakra Khan did not make the final cut of the album; the song, recorded in three hours on 29 May 2014 at My Music, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia was revealed by Siti's management to be of a different project, though the possibility of its inclusion was considered. The song was included for the Indonesian version of Fragmen when it was launched and released on 21 October 2014. Shot by Bustamam Mokhtar, the album cover portrays Siti in a black ensemble. Siti explained on her choice of the black ensemble as, "Apart from the result of our discussion with the involved party in the creation of the album cover, I chose black because it is my favourite colour and it is perfect with the concept of elegance that I wanted." The album marked her first cover album with her wearing a hijab.

She explained, "This is my first album. With hijab, I still want uniqueness and in the same time the image, being shown is suitable with the element of pop, present in the album. Therefore, I intentionally chos