Year 1046 was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar. Autumn – King Henry III travels to Italy to secure the imposition of Guido da Velate, archbishop of Milan, other loyal candidates in other sees. Vatha Pagan Revolt: King Peter Orseolo is overthrown after a 2-year reign. Bishops Gerard of Csanád and Bystrík are stoned to death in Budapest. Ealdred, bishop of Worcester, leads troops from England on an unsuccessful punitive raid against the Welsh leaders Gruffydd ap Rhydderch, Rhys ap Rhydderch and Gruffydd ap Llywelyn. Bao Zheng, a Chinese government officer during the reign of Emperor Ren Zong of the Song Dynasty, writes a memorial to the throne, he warns about governmental corruption – and a foreseeable bankruptcy of the Chinese iron industry – if poorer families continued to be listed on the register for iron-smelting households. The government heeds the warning, produces more iron products by the year 1078 than China had before. Munjong is crowned the 11th king of Goryeo.

March 5 – Nasir Khusraw begins his 7-year Middle Eastern journey, which he describes in the book Safarnāmé. Summer – Ex-Pope Benedict IX gives up a renewed attempt to reclaim the papal throne in Rome, Sylvester III reasserts his claim. December 20 – Pope Gregory VI is accused of simony at the Council of Sutri, abdicates as pope of the Catholic Church. December 25 – Pope Clement II succeeds Gregory VI as the 149th pope, crowns Henry III as Holy Roman Emperor. Hildesheim Cathedral is destroyed by fire. May 8 – Constance, queen of Castile and León Afridun I, ruler of Shirvan Bernard of Thiron, founder of the Order of Tiron Ingegerd, queen of Denmark and Sweden Leo Marsicanus, Italian cardinal Masud Sa'd Salman, Persian poet and writer Matilda, margravine of Tuscany January 24 – Eckard II, German nobleman February 26 – Fujiwara no Sanesuke, Japanese nobleman June 24 – Jeongjong II, king of Goryeo July 18 – Elijah, bishop of Beth Nuhadra Art Uallach Ua Ruairc, king of Connacht Bystrík, Hungarian bishop Eido II, bishop of Meissen Geoffrey II, count of Gâtinais Gerard of Csanád, Hungarian missionary-bishop Gothelo II, duke of Lower Lorraine Lyfing of Winchester, English abbot and bishop Oliba, Spanish count and bishop Richard of Verdun, French abbot William I, Norman nobleman

Troy Dillinger

Troy Dillinger is a musician, actor/writer/producer/director, community activist, graphic & web designer, owner of an advertising & marketing agency in Austin, Texas. He is best known for his work as a singer-songwriter in the US and Europe, for founding Save Austin Music and Adult Swim Presents, creating, producing and hosting Austin Variety Show. Dillinger was born in Canton and grew up in Austin, Texas. Troy was given his first guitar for Christmas when he was 13 years old, was playing in Austin nightclubs by age 16, his first tour was in 1985 at the age of 18 with Dino Lee. He co-founded BAND FROM HELL, an underground punk rock band that achieved much acclaim, but never signed a record deal. In 1992, he co-founded Del Dragons, a roots rock band reminiscent of the Rolling Stones and The Faces; the band broke up shortly after its first full-length release in 1997 and toured the US and Europe as "Troy Dillinger & Del Dragons" through 1999. In late 1999, he began performing as Troy Dillinger with a rotating lineup of band members which included Hunt Sales, Ian McLagan, others.

In 1998, he began acting and landed small roles on movies such as American Outlaws, The New Guy, Miss Congeniality. In 2005, he released the award-winning "Dirty & Harry" CD/DVD full-length recording and film festival, which won awards from the Austin Music Network and The Austin Chronicle; the same year, he created Austin Swim, an adult swim viewing party which led to the creation of Adult Swim Presents. In 2008, Dillinger severed his ties with Adult Swim and created The Austin Variety Show, a local television show which features Austin music, burlesque, a live game show with members of the audience; the show aired on KBVO from 2010-2013 before moving to the internet. BAND FROM HELL Lucky 13 Del Dragons Del Dragons - Southern Jumbo Troy Dillinger & Del Dragons - Live In Paris Troy Dillinger - And A Guitar Troy Dillinger - Vivre Dillinger - Live At Antone's Troy Dillinger - Fine So Far Troy Dillinger - Dirty & Harry Official website Austin Variety Show Troy Dillinger on IMDb "Confessions of a Mind on Overdive" Austin Chronicle

Chris Goffey

Christopher Robert Goffey is an English journalist and television personality, best known as a presenter of the BBC motoring television series Top Gear. He crossed over to Channel 4 in the mid-1980s and worked with two motoring programmes before returning to Top Gear, he has worked on many different corporate and motivational films for a variety of clients. Goffey was born in Lancashire. From 1965 he honed his skills with the Ruislip Northwood Post, the Bucks Advertiser, the Slough Evening Mail. Between 1972 and 1977 Goffey worked as a member of the editorial team of Britain's Autocar magazine, where for five years his responsibilities included the news pages. Recognition came in 1975. Leaving Autocar in 1977, he obtained his own editorship with the journal Motor Trader, he is a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers. Goffey's first foray into television was on the Thames Television series Drive In and its successor Wheels in the late 1970s but in 1981 he crossed over to the BBC to join Top Gear.

His demeanour was deliberately understated and practical when dealing with all road tests on Top Gear. His beard, formal attire, common sense were a direct foil to the more in-your-face antics of his colleague Jeremy Clarkson. During a race among all the Top Gear presenters in SEAT Ibizas in 1996, Clarkson noted that the last time Goffey had been on a track, he had been "tearing the tyres off an Audi 80". Goffey was one of the presenters, alongside Richard Hammond and Brendan Coogan, on the first series of Dream Deals, a motoring show which aired on the Men & Motors channel, in 2001. In a May 2007 Top Gear Magazine column, Jeremy Clarkson suggested that he would like Goffey back on the programme and would prefer a more serious approach but that the audience wanted them to "cock about". A one off documentary lasting 45 minute part of many car documentaries shown on Men and Motors channel part of the Granada media group; the show was aired on the channel in February 2006. Goffey narrated and presented the show which covers the period from 1900, when the Citroën company was started, to the release of the Citroën C3 Pluriel in 2003.

Goffey is the father of music video director Nick Goffey and Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey. He married Linda Nolan in north-west Surrey in 1969, they live in South Oxfordshire. Chris Goffey profile