Year 1047 was a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar. September 25–28 – Rebel general Leo Tornikios proclaims himself emperor at Adrianople, besieges Constantinople. Byzantine troops led by Constantine repel him, re-occupy the walls. Tornikios is forced to withdraw, he is captured at a church in Boulgarophygon, is publicly blinded. Winter – Constantine IX allows the Pecheneg tribes to cross the Danube River, to settle permanently in Byzantine territory, he buys their alliance with presents, using them to attack his enemies in the rear, so to prevent any southward advance of the Kievan Rus'. Spring – Emperor Henry III travels to southern Italy, deprives Guaimar IV of his title Duke of Apulia and Calabria, he receives homage from Drogo of Hauteville, who becomes "Duke and Master of all Italy". August 10 – Battle of Val-ès-Dunes: Norman duke William I secures with assistance from King Henry I control over Normandy by defeating rebel Norman barons at Caen. In October, William promulgates the "Truce of God" throughout his duchy.

October 25 – Harald III becomes sole king of Norway, on the death of his nephew and co-regent Magnus I. The crown of Denmark passes to Sweyn II. October 9 – Pope Clement II dies after a 9-month pontificate, he is succeeded by Benedict IX as the 150th pope of the Catholic Church. November – The usurping Benedict IX seizes with support of Boniface III, margrave of Tuscany, the Lateran Palace in Rome. December 28 – Sunjong, ruler of Goryeo Cai Jing, Chinese official and calligrapher Hugh d'Avranches, Norman nobleman Maredudd ap Bleddyn, king of Powys Qingshui, Chinese Chan Buddhist monk Simon de Crépy, French nobleman Wyszesława, duchess of Poland Xiang, empress regent of the Song Dynasty Yi Zong, Chinese emperor June 16 – Poppo, archbishop of Trier August 29 – Ælfwine, bishop of Winchester September 7 – Otto II, duke of Swabia October 9 – Clement II, pope of the Catholic Church October 16 – Henry VII, German nobleman October 25 – Magnus I, king of Norway Æthelstan of Abingdon, English abbot Gerard Flaitel, Norman nobleman and knight Godgifu, daughter of Æthelred the Unready Grimketel, English clergyman and bishop Humbert I, founder of the House of Savoy Levente, Hungarian nobleman Miecław, Polish nobleman Nripa Kama II, Indian king Raymond III, count of Pallars Jussà Rodulfus Glaber, French chronicler Stephen II, count of Troyes and Meaux

Prince of Wales (disambiguation)

The Prince of Wales is the title traditionally given to the heir apparent to the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. It originated as the title of independent princes of Wales in the 13th centuries. Prince of Wales may refer to: Prince of Wales Island Prince Of Wales, Queensland, a locality in the Shire of Torres Prince of Wales, New Brunswick, a rural community Prince of Wales Strait, Northwest Territories Prince of Wales Mountains, a mountain range on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut Prince of Wales Range, mountain range on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Cape Prince of Wales, the westernmost point of the North American mainland HMS Prince of Wales, several ships of the Royal Navy Prince of Wales, several ships that served the East India Company HM Packet Ship Prince of Wales, one of two troop ships that sank in Dublin Bay in 1807 with the loss of 400 PS Prince of Wales, a paddle steamer in service 1886–96 Prince of Wales, a New Zealand Company sailing ship in 1842 Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Prince of Wales Public School, a public school in Barrie, Ontario Prince of Wales Public School, a public school in Belleville, Ontario Prince of Wales Public School, a public school in Brockville, Ontario Prince of Wales Public School, a public school in Peterborough, Ontario Prince of Wales, a school in Hamilton, Ontario His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales Institute of Engineering and Technology, a technical institute in Jorhat, India Prince of Wales Conference, former name of the National Hockey League's Eastern Conference Prince of Wales Trophy, an award presented by the National Hockey League to the Eastern Conference playoff champions Prince of Wales Trophy, awarded at Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club Prince of Wales Trophy, motorcycle speedway event held in Newport, Wales Prince of Wales F.

C. a former football club in Gibraltar Vale of Rheidol Railway locomotive Prince of Wales GCR Class 11F locomotive Prince of Wales LNWR Prince of Wales Class, a class of express passenger steam locomotive first built in 1911 Prince of Wales Bridge, between Ottawa and Gatineau, Canada Prince of Wales Bridge, between England and Wales Prince of Wales Fort, a historic fort at Churchill, Canada Prince of Wales Hospice and Prince of Wales Colliery, England Prince of Wales Hospital Prince of Wales Hotel, Canada Prince of Wales Museum, the former name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, India Prince of Wales tea blend Prince of Wales Theatre, a former West End theatre in Coventry Street, London Prince of Wales's Theatre, the former name for the Scala Theatre on Charlotte Street, Camden Prince of Wales Theatre, Cardiff, a former theatre Prince of Wales, named after and invented by Edward VII Prince of Wales, a nickname for Richie Burnett, Welsh darts player Prince of Wales check pattern, a variant of Glen Plaid Pattern.

Princess of Wales

Riaz Gujjar

Riaz Gujjar is a 1991 Pakistani, action and a musical film directed by Hassan Askari and produced by Muhammad Younis. Film starring actor Sultan Rahi, Hina Shaheen, Afzaal Ahmed, Edited by Mohammad Ashiq Ali. Lahore murder of Mumtaz Malik is film role name Zafri and four others at Lakshmi Chowk was the result of another old enmity that has claimed many lives in Lahore's criminal underground over the years. Here are four of the most violent gangland rivalries, some of them still unfinished. Sultan Rahi as Anjuman Hina Shaheen Mumtaz Malik Humayun Qureshi Tariq Shah Afzaal Ahmad Bahar Ladla Raseela Altaf Khan Anwar Khan The music of Riaz Gujjar is composed by Wajahat Attray with lyrics penned by Khawaja Pervez; the album earned Riaz Gujjar on IMDb Riaz Gujjar Pakistani Punjabi language Riaz Gujjar Pakistani Film Original Posters on Tumblr Riaz Gujjar Pakistani Punjabi Information