Year 1049 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. Spring – Pecheneg Revolt: Emperor Constantine IX decides to transfer 15,000 Pecheneg warriors from their positions in the Balkans, to the eastern front. Upon approaching the Bosporus, the Pechenegs decide to turn back, march through Bulgaria, until they reach the Byzantine city of Serdia. Joined by followers, the Pecheneg tribes raise the banner of revolt in Thrace. January 13 – Theodwin, prince-bishop of Liège, defeats Count Dirk IV of West Frisia near Dordrecht, restores imperial authority in the Rhine Delta; the Republic of Pisa completes the conquest of Sardinia, from the Andalusian occupiers. Viking Irish raiders ally with King Gruffydd ap Rhydderch of Gwent, in raiding along the River Severn; the Banu Hilal, a confederation of tribes of Arabia, begin their invasion in the Maghreb. They are organized by the Egyptian Fatimid Caliphate to punish their former Zirid vassals. Construction of the Iron Pagoda in Kaifeng during the Chinese Song Dynasty.

February 12 – Pope Leo IX succeeds Damasus II as the 152nd pope of the Catholic Church. He goes on a one-year trip to promote the cause of the reformist program among the European prelates. October 9 – Seonjong, king of Goryeo Godelieve, Flemish saint Hermann II, count palatine of Lotharingia John Theristus, Italian Benedictine monk Li Gonglin, Chinese painter and antiquarian Peter de Honestis, Italian monk Saw Lu, king of the Pagan Kingdom Rhiryd ap Bleddyn, king of Powys January 1 – Odilo of Cluny, French Benedictine abbot January 12 – Abū-Sa'īd Abul-Khayr, Persian Sufi poet January 13 – Dirk IV, count of Friesland west of the Vlie December 1 – Ermesinda of Bigorre, queen of Aragon Airlangga, Indonesian ruler of Kahuripan Eustace I, count of Boulogne

Cutie Honey: The Live

Cutie Honey: The Live is a Japanese tokusatsu production of the popular Cutie Honey manga and anime series, chiefly directed by Makoto Yokoyama and written by Toshiki Inoue. It began airing on TV Tokyo on October 2, 2007. Gravure idol Mikie Hara portrays the title character. Honey Kisaragi is an android girl who can transform into the titular Cutie Honey by tapping on her heart necklace and saying the words "Honey Flash!". Her powers come from the Airborne Element Fixing Device installed in her body known as the "Honey System"; the Honey System allows the creation of objects out of thin air, allowing Honey to transform her outfit into any disguise. The Honey System can reduce objects to thin air just as which Honey uses as a finishing move to destroy anything she is in contact with, she possesses super-intelligence and strength, a healing factor. Her personal emblem is a Red heart and in battle she can summon a rapier called the "Silver Fleuret", she seems to have a crush on Giza. However, her strong crush inadvertently gave him a fourth personality named Hikaru.

On a few occasions, the energy of her Honey System goes out of control and begins to destroy everything that she touches. When this happens, Honey sleeps for three days and goes into a berserk mode. To prevent this, Seiji has a device that will return her to normal. To date, this has only occurred twice. After finding out that both Miki and Yuki could transform as well, she tries to unite the three of them against Panther Claw. However, their clashing personalities have made this difficult, it was revealed that she was the one who buried her father, Doctor Kisaragi, one year ago. However, she does not know the cause of his death. After driving off Hikaru, Honey brings Miki's lifeless body to Mayumi, requesting an operation in order to revive her. Mayumi tells Honey that Miki would be depressed if she is to go on with the operation. Regardless, she is prepared. However, Hikaru once again manages to mess up the proceedings, steals Honey's power in the process. With Yuki's help, he is driven off one more time.

After hearing Yuki's request to kill Honey, she willingly accepts, but on the condition that Yuki takes care of Miki in her stead. With that, Yuki accepts her request decapitates Honey on the spot. Honey's lifeless body would be picked up by Hiromi, who forcibly purges her powers from her and transfers them over to Yuki; the conversion turned Yuki evil, with a will to destroy. After Miki retrieves her, she is revived by Mayumi and Miki's powers were transferred over to her; when she came to, the first person to greet her was Hayami, who didn't have the heart to tell her the truth about everything. She would run to Professor Kisaragi's mansion to find out the truth for herself, it was there that she meets up with Yuki again, this time under Hiromi's control. She refused to fight her, but after finding the backup limiter, she Flashed, this time with a blue outfit and Kukri weapon similar to Miki's. After Hiromi was killed by Yuki, Honey managed to destroy her. After the battle was over, Honey decided to help out Hayami, now known as the Warrior of Love, Cutie Honey.

In the epilogue, it is hinted that both Miki and Yuki "live on" inside Honey as Honey demonstrated fighting techniques similar to Miki's headbutt and Yuki's kick. This version of Cutie Honey is more empty-headed than her previous incarnations, possessing a poor grasp of social conventions and an perpetually upbeat attitude, which has caused animosity amongst her peers in her class. Unlike the original where she was a Catholic school girl, in this version she attends a standard all-girls high school. Honey's birth date is February 26 and her father is Doctor Kōshirō Kisaragi; the three girls possess the same birthday as Doctor Kisaragi was looking for girls who share the same traits in order to recreate the image of his deceased daughter. Honey is portrayed by Mikie Hara. Seiji Hayami is a excitable private detective who helps support Honey, his dream is to write a book on the "demonish things in modern Japan's capitalism", to this end he lives in a slum so as to better understand the dark side of society.

He met Honey 14 months ago, when he was helping a girl get her "notebook" from a gang and was running away from that gang. She was transformed to fight the gang members. In the present, Honey is helping him with his detective cases, he goes after different women. He confesses his love for Saotome Miki in a letter that he gives her, which she proceed to tear up in front of him, he expresses feelings for Yuki, but she rejects him. Although he is rejected by both girls, he still continues to court them Yuki; some time after the final battle was over, Hayami returned to the Kisaragi residence to gather up Doctor Kisaragi's research. His original intention was to safeguard the information from Panther Claw and similar criminal organizations, but after discovering Doctor Kisaragi's notebook and learning the truth about Honey's creation, as well as Miki and Yuki, he instead throws all of Doctor Kisaragi's work in a burn barrel destroying it. Seiji is portrayed by Shouma Yamamoto. Miki Saotome is a cold young girl, the polar opposite of Honey, being introverted and anti-social.

Like Honey, she has the Honey System installed in her body, changing her into a blue armored form called Sister M

Independent Asylum Commission

The Independent Asylum Commission was an organisation which attempted to "conduct a independent review of the UK asylum system from beginning to end." The commission was made up of groups of citizens from local churches, trade union branches and other various community groups from the London Citizens and Birmingham Citizens. The Commission was independent of the UK government and the refugee sector, was funded by charitable trusts, it sought to examine key stages of the asylum process such as the access to the asylum through its determination process, the appeals process, treatment of vulnerable groups, material support and accommodation. The commission held public hearings throughout the UK between January and November 2007, it published its initial findings in March 2008 and three full reports over summer 2008. The initial report said that the UK's treatment of asylum seekers falls "seriously below" the standards of a civilised society; the Border and Immigration Agency rejected the report, claiming it operates a "firm but humane" system.

The United Kingdom has a long history of providing asylum. The 1951 Refugee Convention states that a refugee is "owing to well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country, it was created with the intent "to take a fresh and impartial look at the system and make credible recommendations for reform. The commissioners on the board included a former immigration judge. After 18 months, January 2007-March 2008, the Commission published their initial findings report, followed by two subsequent reports; the commission worked in conjunction with CITIZENS Organising Foundation, which ran the campaign and aided in funding. Under CITIZENS Organising Foundation, it was referred to as the CITIZENS for Sanctuary campaign. Sir John Waite - A former judge of both the High Court and the Court of Appeal, as well as former President of the Employment Tribunal and Chair of UNICEF UK.

Ifath Nawaz - President of the Association of Muslim Lawyers, as well as a member of the Policing and Security group as appointed by the Prime Minister. She served on the Commission for the Lunar House Report. Countess of Mar - A member of the House of Lords and the original Earldom of Mar, she sat on the tribunal for Asylum and Immigration, which overheard immigration appeals. She left this tribunal when she lost faith in the current system, leading her to the IAC. Shamit Saggar Nicholas Sagovsky - A professor and Canon Theologian at the Westminster Abbey, he served as a commissioner of the South London Citizens Lunar House Report. Katie Ghose Lord David Ramsbotham GCB CBE - A former army general, he served under Her Majesty as Chief Inspector of Prisons from December 1995 and August 2001. Dr. Silvia Casale - Appointed member of the United Nations subcommittee on the Prevention of Torture, she was the President of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

Her past includes freelance research and academia. Earl of Sandwich - A member in the House of Lords, he held interest in immigration and issues relating to refugees. Zrinka Bralo - A journalist from Sarajevo, she campaigned for refugee rights and human rights since her exile from Sarajevo in 1993. She served as Executive Director of the Refugee Communities Forum held in West London. Bishop Patrick Lynch - At the time, he was the Auxiliary Bishop for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark, he did extensive work in several different migrant communities in his ministry. He was ordained a bishop in 2006. Jacqueline Parlevliet - At the time of the commission she was the Deputy Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in London. Fit for Purpose Yet? The Interim Findings Report Saving Sanctuary Safe Return Deserving Dignity There were several different responses, both to the creation of the commission itself, as well as the commissions findings; the Scottish Refugee Council issued a formal response.

This council provided the IAC with any materials or evidence that they might need and showed an eagerness to aid them in their research. In their reports, the IAC would praise Scottish leadership in setting an example for humane asylum and sanctuary practices. In May 2007, Unison Scotland issued a response to the IAC's review on the asylum system. Unison Scotland statement said that they were pleased to note the creation of the IAC and their reports and welcome the opportunity to aid the commission in reviewing the entirety of the asylum system in the UK. Migration Watch UK responded to the IAC's interim report on 27 March 2008. In the response, they were disappointed, stating that the IAC ignored the fact that 60% of all asylum claims were rejected as being "not genuine." Sir Andrew Green, the chairman of Migration Watch, issued a statement where he said "Like them, we support a welcome for genuine refugees who are fleeing persecution. They now amount to only 3% of immigration but the extent of false claims and the failure to remove those concerned remain serious problems."