104th Brigade (Croatia)

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104th Brigade
Active 1991–
Country Croatia
Branch Croatian National Guard
Type infantry
Garrison/HQ Varaždin

The 104th Brigade (Croatian: 104. brigada) was a unit of the Croatian Army that existed during the Croatian War of Independence.


The 104th was formed as part of the Croatian National Guard (Zbor narodne garde) on May 8, 1991, and officially activated as of July 2, 1991. Operations were undertaken in September 1991 as part of blockades of the Yugoslav People's Army at Varaždin, which remains the home of the brigade.[citation needed]

The brigade undertook front line combat duty against Serbian forces in October 1991 and operated there into December 1992, suffering 174 casualties (29 dead). Operations in 1993 resulted in a further 13 casualties (1 dead). 8,500 soldiers served in the brigade from 1991 to 1993.[citation needed]

After demobilization, the brigade became a recruit training unit.[citation needed]



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