Year 1050 was a common year starting on Monday of the Julian calendar. Hedeby is sacked by King Harald III of Norway, during the course of a conflict with Sweyn II of Denmark. King Anund Jacob dies after a 28-year reign, he is succeeded by his brother Emund the Old as king of Sweden. Macbeth of Scotland makes a pilgrimage to Rome. Aoudaghost, an important Berber trading center and rival of Koumbi Saleh, is captured by the Ghana Empire. King Edward the Confessor unites the dioceses of Devon and Cornwall located at Crediton, he moves the gives the order to build a cathedral. Leofric becomes the first bishop of Exeter; the brewery of Weltenburg Abbey is first mentioned, thus making it one of the oldest still operating breweries in the world. November 11 – Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor Amadeus II, count of Savoy Berthold II, duke of Swabia Bertrand of Comminges, French bishop Frederick I, duke of Swabia Leopold II, margrave of Austria Lhachen Gyalpo, king of Ladakh Liutold of Eppenstein, German nobleman Li Tang, Chinese landscape painter Lope Íñiguez, lord of Biscay Michael VII, Byzantine emperor Muhammad al-Baghdadi, Arab mathematician Muirchertach Ua Briain, king of Munster Olaf I, king of Denmark Olaf III, king of Norway Osbern of Canterbury, English hagiographer Peter the Hermit, French priest Sophia of Hungary, duchess of Saxony Sviatopolk II, Grand Prince of Kiev Vidyakara, Indian Buddhist scholar February 10 – Anna, Grand Princess of Kiev October 29 – Eadsige, archbishop of Canterbury Alferius, Italian abbot and saint Anund Jacob, king of Sweden Casilda of Toledo, Spanish saint Constantine Arianites, Byzantine general Einar Thambarskelfir, Norwegian nobleman Herleva, Norman noblewoman Hugh of Langres, French bishop and theologian Humphrey de Vieilles, Norman nobleman Michael Dokeianos, Byzantine general Suryavarman I, king of the Khmer Empire Wifred II, count of Cerdanya and Berga Zoë, empress of the Byzantine Empire

JN Data A/S

JN Data is a Danish IT company focused on the delivery of IT-operations, -infrastructure and services to the finansiel sector. The Company is owned by Jyske Bank A/S, Nykredit Realkredit A/S, BEC, Bankdata and SDC and have 700 employees. In Denmark JN Data have locations in Silkeborg and Roskilde, besides that the company have 100 IT consultants in Poland. In 2002, Jyske Bank A/S og Nykredit Realkredit A/S merged the internal IT services and production departments and created a new company called JN Data. For the first eight years the company serviced its owners, since BEC, Bankdata, SDC and Silkeborg Data have become customers of JN Data. In 2018, the circle of owners was expanded with BEC, Bankdata and SDC. Søren Lindgaard, CEO Jacob Moesgaard, CFO David Hellerman, Chairman Peter Schleidt, Jyske Bank, Vice Chairman Esben Kolind Laustrup, Bankdata Kurt Nørrisgaard, BEC Jesper Scharff, SDC Annette Juul, employee representative Henrik Holm, employee representative Christoffer Lykbak, employee representative JN Data´s annual report 2017 JN Data´s annual report 2018 Official website

Basin Safety Consulting Corporation

Basin Safety Consulting Corporation is an American health and safety company headquartered in Williston, North Dakota. Positioned in the petroleum-rich Williston Basin, Basin has provided services such as on-site consulting, safety training, equipment servicing, compliance programs to clients in the oil and gas industry since 2012; the company serves the Williston, Minot and Dickinson areas. Basin Safety was founded in 2012 during the North Dakota oil boom, its original focus was safety training, gaining traction through word of mouth, it expanded its services to include on-site consultation and risk assessment, equipment sales and servicing, safety manual development, compliance management, environmental programs. As prices dropped and the oil market slowed in the latter half of 2014, many companies serving the oilfield were driven out of business or prompted to pare their workforce down to a skeleton crew. During this season, according to CEO Jonathon Greiner, Basin continued its expansion.

"All of our competitors have gone out of business," Greiner said in an interview with Reuters. "Our existing clients are giving us too much work." Greiner cites the company's diversified clientele and its use of cloud-based systems as a reason it survived the changing oil market. Basin is a member of the North Dakota Petroleum Council; the company has sponsored local events including the Williston Chamber of Commerce awards banquet, Rockin' Ribfest, a local open mic. 2016: Finalist for American Petroleum Institute's Outstanding Achievement award 2018: Honoree of Williston Herald's 20 under 40 Official website