Ellis Miah

Ellis Miah is an American songwriter, record producer, vocalist and DJ of Bangladeshi and Caribbean descent. He has had over 17 records on various Billboard charts including the Billboard 200, Electronic Album, Club Play and Maxi Singles as part of the production teams the Orange Factory and Beat Hustlerz; as a songwriter and remixer he has worked with artists including Miley Cyrus, Backstreet Boys, Annie Lennox, RuPaul, Big Freedia, Siedah Garrett, Todrick Hall, Loleatta Holloway. In 2014 Miah founded, its first artist was Zarina Nares daughter of famed artist James Nares, her debut ep “I'm To Blame” was produced by Miah and released in late 2014. Miah's music has been featured extensively on film and TV including Sex and the City, Ray J and Brandy Family Business, Hit the Floor, Brokenhearts Club, RuPaul's Drag Race, Dragrace Allstars, Punks. In 2013, "Sugar daddy's Little Girl" produced and co-written by Miah was used in the national Klondike Choco-Taco commercials. In 2013 he along with Keo Nozari composed the ABC Nightline Prime theme song.

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Australian Plague Locust Commission

The Australian Plague Locust Commission is a division of the Australian Department of Agriculture and Forestry, created in 1974 to manage outbreaks of the Australian plague locust, spur-throated locust and migratory locust in eastern Australia. With 19 staff members at its headquarters in Canberra and field offices in Narromine, Broken Hill and Longreach, the Commission is funded half by the Commonwealth government and half by the Australian states of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland; the APLC conducts regular surveys of locust populations and migrations and carries out control of locust outbreaks by means of aerial application of pesticides. With CSIRO, it conducts educational outreach and training courses for landowners and local governments, including international consulting work in China and South America. Responsibility to control the pest species resides with the states; the APLC coordinates activities. The establishment of the APLC allowed for the first use of remotely sensed data to forecast locust populations in Australia.

In 2010, the APLC together with the states identified the potential for a significant infestation of the spur-throated locust. A coordinated effort to minimise damage was undertaken, it was estimated the activities resulted in a saving of $963 million from the expenditure of $50 million. Agriculture in Australia Australian Plague Locust Commission