106 Aquarii

106 Aquarii, abbreviated 106 Aqr, is a single star in the equatorial constellation of Aquarius. 106 Aquarii is the Flamsteed designation, it bears the Bayer designation i1 Aquarii. It has an apparent visual magnitude of +5.2, making it bright enough to be viewed from the suburbs according to the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale. An annual parallax shift of 8.61 milliarcseconds yields an estimated distance of around 380 light-years from Earth. The spectrum of this star fits a stellar classification of B9 V, indicating this is a B-type main sequence star, it is spinning with a projected rotational velocity of 328 km/s. The star has 3 times the mass of the Sun and is radiating 152 times the Sun's luminosity from its photosphere at an effective temperature of 11,555 K. X-ray emission with a luminosity of 6.0×1029 erg s−1 has been detected from this star. This is unusual since a B-type star does not have any significant X-ray emission. Instead, it may have an undetected lower mass companion. Aladin previewer, image Aladin sky atlas, image

Zeinebou Mint Taleb Moussa

Zeinebou Mint Taleb Moussa is a women's rights activist in Mauritania, focused on combating sexual violence through her work as founder of El Wafa, a survivors' center, as president of the non-governmental organization the Mauritanian Association for Maternal and Child Health. Mint Taleb Moussa was trained as a midwife, worked in the Mauritanian Ministry of Health. In 2000, together with other midwives, she established the AMSME, to educate women about reproductive health and rights. In beginning their work, they realized that another issue, sexual violence, needed addressing. So in 2001, she founded the El Wafa center in Nouakchott to help victims of rape and sexual assault. In 2016 she was named by the president of Mauritania, a member of the National Process for the Prevention of Torture, she has served as an advisor for the Global Fund for Women. Mint Taleb Moussa is working with other leaders in Mauritania to draft new laws concerning rape, not recognized in the legal code. OkayAfrica 100 Women, 2017.

Femme de Courage en Mauritanie pour l’année 2017, presented by United States Ambassador to Mauritania, 2017. UNFPA, Programming to Address Violence Against Women: 10 case studies, 2006. Chapter 1, "Mauritania: Midwives Call Attention to the Problem of Rape, Imams Encourage Justice for Its Victims."

Solarsoft Business Systems

Solarsoft Business Systems is a held software company based in Richmond Hill, with UK headquarters in Bracknell. The company supplies modern business management systems, enterprise resource planning software and IT services to manufacturers and wholesale businesses across North America and Asia. Solarsoft is a specialist in mid-market ERP software, optimized for specific industries; these industries include: Discrete Manufacturing. Solarsoft employs 400 staff and provides local support from offices spanning 16 timezones across the USA, the UK and China; the company's origins in ERP go back nearly 30 years in North America and the UK. The name was adopted in November 2007 following the earlier merger of CMS Software Inc. of Toronto and UK-based XKO Software Ltd. Solarsoft delivers systems that make connections across sales, finance and warehouse management, manufacturing resource planning and quality control departments. Solarsoft real-time production control systems are employed in hundreds of manufacturing plants to monitor production and boost operating efficiency.

For finished goods, Solarsoft's warehouse and logistics systems help to control inventory movements and distribution. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Solarsoft ERP systems support traditional ERP functions including financial management, sales management, inventory management, production planning and control, include niche-specific functions for the automotive supply chain and beverage, packaging industries. Manufacturing Execution Systems: Solarsoft's Mattec manufacturing execution system provides real-time monitoring and control for production and process manufacturing; the system provides accurate 24/7 real-time manufacturing information of all plant operations. Mattec aims to help users become proactive in manufacturing operations, to anticipate and solve manufacturing problems before they occur, do more with existing resources and find new capacity. Enterprise manufacturing intelligence Systems: Solarsoft's Informance manufacturing intelligence software lets users monitor manufacturing line performance in real-time, focus continuous improvement efforts on the most critical opportunities.

Solarsoft helps users focus operating strategies at the executive level, convert them into execution tactics at the plant level. Solarsoft announced on October 15, 2012 that Solarsoft Business Systems has been acquired by Epicor Software Corporation. Since Solarsoft Business Systems has been conducting business under the "Epicor Software Corporation" moniker. Marketing, customer support and other materials are being converted into the Epicor branding and will be released when completed. Enterprise Resource Planning Manufacturing Execution Systems Enterprise manufacturing intelligence Systems Official website