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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1070 kHz:[1] The Federal Communications Commission classifies 1070 AM as a United States and Canadian clear-channel frequency. KNX in Los Angeles and CBA in Moncton, New Brunswick shared Class A status on this frequency.[2] But on April 7, 2008, CBA moved to the FM dial.

In Argentina[edit]

In Canada[edit]

  • CFAX in Victoria, British Columbia
  • CHOK in Sarnia, Ontario

In Mexico[edit]

  • XEAGS-AM in Acapulco, Guerrero
  • XEEI-AM in San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
  • XEGY in Tehuacán, Puebla
  • XEIT-AM in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche
  • XESP-AM in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco

In the United States[edit]

  • KATQ (AM) in Plentywood, Montana
  • KBCL in Bossier City, Louisiana
  • KFTI in Wichita, Kansas
  • KHMO in Hannibal, Missouri
  • KILR (AM) in Estherville, Iowa
  • KNTH in Houston, Texas
  • KNX (AM) in Los Angeles, CaliforniaKnxknx
  • KOPY (AM) in Alice, Texas
  • KSKK in Verndale, Minnesota
  • KWEL in Midland, Texas
  • WAPI (AM) in Birmingham, Alabama
  • WBKW in Beckley, West Virginia
  • WCSZ in Sans Souci, South Carolina
  • WDIA in Memphis, Tennessee
  • WEKT in Elkton, Kentucky
  • WFLI (AM) in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
  • WFNI in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • WFRF (AM) in Tallahassee, Florida
  • WGOS in High Point, North Carolina
  • WINA in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • WKII in Solana, Florida
  • WKMB in Stirling, New Jersey
  • WKOK in Sunbury, Pennsylvania
  • WMIA (AM) in Arecibo, Puerto Rico
  • WNCT (AM) in Greenville, North Carolina
  • WNVY in Cantonment, Florida
  • WPLB in Plattsburgh, New York
  • WTSO in Madison, Wisconsin
  • WZUN in Sandy Creek-Pulaski, New York