Year 1076 was a leap year starting on Friday of the Julian calendar. January 24 – Synod of Worms: Emperor Henry IV holds a synod in Worms; the assembly declares Pope Gregory the bishops abandons their allegiance to him. February 22 – Gregory VII pronounces a sentence of excommunication against Henry IV at Rome, he is excluded from the Catholic Church – and excommunicates all the bishops named by Henry. Summer – Dirk V, count of Holland, re-conquers West Frisia from the Archdiocese of Utrecht, he besieges Bishop Conrad at the castle of IJsselmonde – taking him prisoner. October 8 – Demetrius Zvonimir is crowned as king of Croatia in Solin, in the Basilica of Saint Peter and Moses by a representative of Gregory VII. December 13 – Norman Conquest of Southern Italy: Italo-Norman forces under Robert Guiscard de Hauteville and Richard I of Capua, conquer the fortress city of Salerno – after a short siege. December 26 – Bolesław II is crowned as king of Poland by Archbishop Bogumił in the Gniezno Cathedral.

Bolesław supports Gregory VII in his conflict against Henry IV. May 31 – Waltheof, one of the earls of an uprising against King William I, is beheaded near Winchester; the Trial of Penenden Heath is held, with an important ruling regarding land rights, subsequent to the Norman Conquest. November 1 – In England, a frost begins that lasts until April 1077. Koumbi Saleh, an important mercantile and political center of the Ghana Empire, is besieged by the Almoravids. Vikramaditya VI deposes his older brother Someshvara II, becomes king of the Western Chalukya Empire. Anselm of Aosta, a French Benedictine abbot, completes the Monologion at the request of his fellow monks. Demetrius Zvonimir donates the Benedictine monastery of St. Gregory in Vrana to Gregory VII. June 1 – Mstislav I, Grand Prince of Kiev Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi, Moorish scholar and judge Fujiwara no Sadazane, Japanese calligrapher Hualani, Hawaiian queen and regent Urban, bishop of Llandaff March 18 – Ermengarde of Anjou, duchess of Burgundy March 21 – Robert I, duke of Burgundy April 18 – Beatrice of Bar, French duchess and regent April 28 – Sweyn II, king of Denmark May 8 – Nasr ibn Mahmud, Mirdasid emir of Aleppo May 26 – Ramon Berenguer I, count of Barcelona May 31 – Waltheof, earl of Northumbria June 4 – Sancho IV, king of Pamplona July 15 – Arnost, bishop of Rochester Godfrey IV, duke of Lower Lorraine Ramihrdus of Cambrai, French priest and martyr William Busac, English nobleman

Bendegó meteorite (report)

Meteorito de Bendegó - relatório apresentado ao ministerio da agricultura, commercio e obras publicas e a sociedade de geographia do Rio de Janeiro sobre a remoção do meteorito de Bendengó do sertão da provincia da Bahia para o Museu Nacional is a book written by José Carlos de Carvalho and published in 1888 in Portuguese and French. It deals with the transportation of the Bendegó meteorite from Bahia to the National Museum, under the command of the Emperor Dom Pedro II. According to WorldCat, the University of São Paulo is in possession of a copy of the bilingual book. Other places that have a copy are: The Field Museum Library, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Carleton College Library, Stanford University Libraries and Natural History Museum. Carvalho, a retired military man from the Paraguayan War, was in charge of transporting the meteorite, he led an Empire Commission for Transport concerned with how to take the meteorite to the Jacuricy Railway Station. Described in the book is the carret designed by Carvalho for transportation.

In the hinterland, the Imperial Commission traveled 113 kilometers in 126 days to the train station. From there they embarked for Salvador - a distance of 363 kilometers - and arrived in the capital of Bahia on May 22, 1888. Heavy, the meteorite was 5,360 kg, they left for Rio de Janeiro. Carvalho's work, illustrated with meteorite and transport images, was in the Central Library of the National Museum, bringing the author's dedication to the National Museum. On the cover is the Imperial Coat of Arms; the work begins with the following paragraph: In 1784, Joaquim do Motto Botelho informed the Governor-General of Bahia, D. Rodrigo José de Menezes, that he had found an extraordinary stone in the vicinity of the Bendegó stream, supposing to contain gold and silver. Internet Archive: Portuguese, Bilingual, Maps. José Carlos de Carvalho. Météorite de Bendégo. Forgotten Books. ISBN 978-1-332-67745-0

List of Toronto Maple Leafs award winners

This is a list of award winners of the Toronto Maple Leafs and predecessor clubs of the Toronto NHL franchise. Ten different Leafs have won the Calder Memorial Trophy, more than any other team; the NHL First and Second Team All-Stars consists of the top players at each position as voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association. The NHL All-Rookie Team consists of the top rookies at each position as voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers' Association; the National Hockey League All-Star Game is a mid-season exhibition game held annually between many of the top players of each season. Sixty-four All-Star Games have been held since 1947, with at least one player chosen to represent the Maple Leafs in each year; the All-Star game has not been held in various years: 1979 and 1987 due to the 1979 Challenge Cup and Rendez-vous'87 series between the NHL and the Soviet national team 1995, 2005, 2013 as a result of labor stoppages, 2006, 2010, 2014 because of the Winter Olympic Games. Toronto has hosted eight of the games.

Selected by fan vote # Selected as one of four "last men in" by fan vote All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Prior to the institution of the National Hockey League All-Star Game the league held three different benefit games featuring teams of all-stars. The first was the Ace Bailey Benefit Game, held in 1934, after a violent collision with Eddie Shore of the Boston Bruins left Toronto's Ace Bailey hospitalized and unable to continue his playing career. In 1937 the Howie Morenz Memorial Game was held to raise money for the family of Howie Morenz of the Montreal Canadiens who died from complications after being admitted to the hospital for a broken leg; the Babe Siebert Memorial Game was held in 1939 to raise funds for the family of the Canadiens' Babe Siebert who drowned shortly after he retired from playing. The following persons have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame; the list includes anyone who played for the Toronto NHL franchise, inducted as a player. The list of builders includes anyone inducted as a builder who spent any part of their career in a coaching, management, or ownership role with Toronto.

As of 2017, 62 players have been inducted, more than any other franchise. Played for the Toronto Arenas or Toronto St. Pats. Four members of the Maple Leafs organization have been honored with the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award; the award is presented by the Hockey Hall of Fame to members of the radio and television industry who make outstanding contributions to their profession and the game of ice hockey during their broadcasting career. The Leafs had a policy of retiring numbers only for players "who have made a significant contribution to the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club and have experienced a career-ending incident while a member of the Maple Leaf team", although this policy was changed for the Leafs centennial season, when they announced the retirement of 11 additional numbers belonging to 17 different players. Barilko and Bailey met the criteria prior to the team's centennial season. Ron Ellis received permission from Bailey, by the time of his career the Leafs' Director of Scouting, to wear number 6.

Out of circulation is the number 99, retired league-wide for Wayne Gretzky on February 6, 2000. Gretzky did not play for the Maple Leafs during his 20-year NHL career and the only Maple Leaf to wear the number prior to its retirement was Wilf Paiement during his three seasons with the team in the early 1980s; the Molson Cup is an award given to the player who earns the most points from three-star selections during the regular season. List of National Hockey League awards