Abu'l-Hasan Ali ibn al-Ikhshid

Abu'l-Hasan Ali ibn al-Ikhshid was the third ruler of the autonomous Ikhshidid dynasty, which ruled Egypt and the Hejaz for Abbasid Caliphate. He was a younger son of the dynasty's founder, Muhammad ibn Tughj al-Ikhshid, reigned from the death of his elder brother Unujur in 961. Actual power throughout his reign was held by the capable black eunuch Abu'l-Misk Kafur; the main events of his reign were a Nubian invasion in 963, as well as a resurgence of Bedouin unrest and raids both in the Western Desert and in the Syrian Desert, in the latter case accompanied by the reappearance of the Qarmatians. Anti-Christian riots were provoked by a defeat of the Ikhshidid fleet against the Byzantine navy in 960/963, as well as the Byzantine offensives under Nikephoros Phokas in Cilicia and northern Syria. After Ali's death in January 966, Kafur sidelined Ali's underage son Ahmad and became ruler in his own right. Kafur ruled until his death in 968; the Ikhshidid state was weakened by internal turmoil and a succession of bad harvests, leading to its fall to the Fatimids in 969.

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Elaine Kahn

Elaine Kahn is a Los Angeles, California based poet and musician. Elaine Kahn is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles, CA, she has a BA from an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Kahn has authored four short poetry books as well as the full-length collection Women In Public, she has toured with her music project, Horsebladder. Additionally, Kahn is a founding member of the feminist puppet troop P. Splash Collective Kahn's writing has been described as "strategic attacks against mythic fictions like selfhood, gender the universal acceptance of scientific knowledge." Publisher's Weekly called Women In Public a "precise and attentive debut full-length collection probes at notions of femininity with a sharp dagger, her terse but assertive stanzas carrying an understated conviction." Writing has been featured in Frieze Magazine, Brooklyn Rail, The Poetry Foundation, NADA Contemporary Poetry Zine, Art Papers, Octopus Magazine, SFMOMA's Open Space, Boog City, more. Kim Gordon listed Kahn as one of the best contemporary writers in a "By The Book" feature in the New York Times.

Elaine is the managing editor of the small press Flowers & Cream I Told You I Was Sick: A Romance Women in Public A Voluptuous Dream During an Eclipse Customer Radiant Bottle Caps Kahn's music project, consists of minimalist loops and incantations, creating primitive pop songs. Horsebladder has toured throughout the Canada with acts such as Body/Head and Weyes Blood. Horsebladder's most recent LP, a split with Farewell My Concubine called After You, came out on Hot Releases in 2014. Previous releases include the LP Not I'll Not and the cassettes Summer and Nicole