Year 1093 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. April 13 – Grand Prince Vsevolod I Yaroslavich dies after a 15-year reign, he is succeeded by Sviatopolk II, acknowledge by other princes as the senior son of Iziaslav I, ascends the Kievan throne as ruler of the Kievan Rus'. His cousin Vladimir II, prince of Chernigov, becomes a bitter rival. May 26 – Battle of the Stugna River: The nomadic Cumans defeat an Kievan joint force led by the princes of Kievan Rus' at the Stugna River in the valley near Trepol. During the fightings Rostislav Vsevolodovich, prince of Pereyaslavl, drowns while fleeing the battle. September 22 – King Olaf III dies after a 26-year reign, he is succeeded by his son Magnus III, proclaimed ruler of Norway at the Borgarting, an assembly by lawspeakers, in the region of Viken. March 6 – Anselm, Italian Benedictine abbot and theologian, becomes archbishop of Canterbury, succeeding Lanfranc; the post of archbishop has been held open by King William IIWilliam Rufus or William – so he can collect for himself the church's income.

November 13 – Battle of Alnwick: King Malcolm III invades Northumberland, but is killed by English forces under Earl Robert de Mowbray while besieging Alnwick Castle. He is succeeded by his brother Donald III; the Normans under Lord Robert Fitzhamon occupy southern Wales, constructing Cardiff and Pembroke Castles. April 8 – Construction of Winchester Cathedral by the Norman bishop Walkelin is completed. August 11 – Construction of Durham Cathedral begins, replacing the Saxon'White Church'. January 16 – Isaac Komnenos, Byzantine co-ruler Ahmad Yasawi, Turkic poet and Sufi Baldwin VII, count of Flanders Conrad III, king of Italy and Germany Demetrius I, king of Georgia Gerhoh of Reichersberg, German theologian Grigor III, Armenian catholicos of Cilicia Robert fitzEdith, English nobleman Sancho Alfónsez, Spanish nobleman Simon of Hauteville, count of Sicily Simon of Vermandois, French bishop William III, count of Ponthieu February 1 – Abul Hasan Hankari, Abbasid scholar April 13 – Vsevolod I Yaroslavich, Grand Prince of Kiev May 26 – Rostislav Vsevolodovich, prince of Pereyaslavl July 10 – Ulrich of Zell, German Cluniac reformer August 29 – Hugh I, French nobleman and abbot September 22 – Olaf III, king of Norway November 13 – Malcolm III, king of Scotland November 16 – Margaret, queen of Scotland Alan Rufus, Norman nobleman Bertrand II, count of Provence Constance, queen of Castile and León Gao, Chinese empress Iestyn ap Gwrgant, king of Morgannwg Kaoruko, Japanese empress consort Odo V, count of Troyes and Meaux Rhys ap Tewdwr, king of Deheubarth Robert I, count of Flanders Tzachas, Seljuk general and usurper Wang Shen, Chinese painter and poet

Taranaki Mountainairs

The Taranaki Mountainairs are a New Zealand basketball team based in New Plymouth. The Mountainairs play their home games at TSB Stadium. For sponsorship reasons, they are known as the Steelformers Mountainairs. A New Plymouth team played in the inaugural season of the Conference Basketball League in 1981 and earned runners-up honours; the team went on to finish as runners-up in the CBL Northern Conference in 1983, before winning the CBL championship in 1984. The team was promoted to the National Basketball League for the 1985 season. In 1992, New Plymouth were crowned regular season winners for the first time. In 1994, the team was rebranded as Taranaki. Following the 1999 season, the franchise withdrew from the NBL. In 2001, a Taranaki team known; the following year, the Stormers were once again winners of the CBL Central Conference, earning an 18–0 regular-season record before going on to win the CBL championship with an 85–81 victory over the Kaikoura Whale Riders in the final led by point guard Willie Banks and import forward Link Abrams.

In 2003, Taranaki's bid for renewed NBL status was successful, re-entering the top-flight league as the Mountainairs. In 2009 and 2015, the team had winless seasons. In September 2019, it was revealed that the team had significant debt that could cause them to withdraw from the 2020 NBL season; the following month, naming rights partner Steelformers stepped in to save the team from collapse. Official team website Taranaki Mountainairs on Facebook Mountain Airs' triple threat Taranaki Mountain Airs look to finish NBL season strong

Foreign relations of Malawi

Malawi's former President Bakili Muluzi continued the pro-Western foreign policy established his predecessor, Hastings Banda. It maintains excellent diplomatic relations with principal Western countries. Malawi's close relations with South Africa throughout the apartheid era strained its relations with other African nations. Following the collapse of apartheid in 1994, Malawi developed, maintains, strong diplomatic relations with all African countries. Important bilateral donors include Canada, Germany, Iceland, South Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Republic of China, the United Kingdom, the United States. Multilateral donors include the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, the African Development Bank, the United Nations organizations. Malawi assumed the chair of the Southern African Development Community in 2001. Muluzi took an active role in SADC on issues such as the global coalition against terrorism and land reform in Zimbabwe. Malawi has been a member of the ACP group since Lomé I and is a party to the Cotonou agreement, the partnership agreement between the European Community/European Union and 77 states from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Malawi is a member of the following international organizations: UN and some of its specialized and related agencies, IMF, World Bank, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, World Intellectual Property Organization, Berne Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, Organization of African Unity, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, Lome Convention, African Development Bank, Southern African Development Community, the Common Market for East and Southern Africa, Non-Aligned Movement, G-77, the World Health Organization. Malawi is a member of the International Criminal Court with a Bilateral Immunity Agreement of protection for the US-military. Malawi became a full member of the Commonwealth on independence from the United Kingdom in 1964. Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth, was Queen of Malawi, represented by the Governor-General of Malawi, until the country became a Commonwealth republic in 1966, when the Prime Minister of Malawi, Hastings Banda, declared himself the first President of Malawi.

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