Year 1096 was a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. Spring – Peter the Hermit begins his preaching of the First Crusade, traveling from Berry across Champagne and down the Meuse valley to Cologne, he gathers the People's Crusade, which departs about April 20. Peter's speeches appeal not only to nobles and knights, but laborers and peasants. May – The People's Crusade under Peter the Hermit arrives at Sopron. King Coloman gives them permission to use the markets. Peter and his followers travel from Budapest southwards supported by knights, while lumbering wagons carries stores and a chest of money that he has collected for the journey. May – The Rhineland massacres: Members of the People's Crusade led by Count Emicho destroy most of the Jewish communities along the Rhine in a series of large pogroms in France and Germany. Thousands of Jews are driven to suicide, or forced to convert to Christianity. Estimates of the number of Jewish men and children murdered are 2,000 to 12,000.

May 8 – French members of the People's Crusade led by Walter Sans Avoir enter Hungary, without incidents they arrive at Semlin, cross the Sava into Byzantine territory at Belgrade. Meanwhile, Walter demands food but he is refused entry, the crusaders are forced to pillage the countryside. Walter is allowed to carry on to Niš, where he is provided with food. May 18 –26 – The Worms massacre: Members of the People's Crusade under Emicho besieges Worms in the Rhineland before killing at least 800 Jews, despite the intervention of Bishop Adalbert II, he tries to hide some of them in the bishop's palace, others chose to remain outside its walls. One of the victims is Minna of an influential Jew among the Christian nobility. May 27 – Members of the People's Crusade under Emicho massacre at least over 1,000 Jews in Mainz. Archbishop Ruthard tries to hide some of them in the cellars of Mainz Cathedral but the crusaders learn of this – and murder most of the Jews. Men and children of all ages are slaughtered indiscriminately.

May 30 – Members of the People's Crusade led by the priest Folkmar from Saxony persecute Jews in Prague, despite the opposition of the local Catholic hierarchy. Local citizens try to hide them in their own houses; the Jews manage to escape to safety in neighboring villages, but are slaughtered by hundreds. June – Members of the People's Crusade under Emicho sets out up the Main towards Hungary; some followers break off from Emicho's army at Mainz and travel to Metz – where many Jews are persecuted and murdered. They proceed down the Rhine, massacring the Jews at Neuss and Xanten. June – The People's Crusade under Emicho are refused to enter Hungary on orders of Coloman, who sends troops to defend the bridge at Wieselburg. Emicho crosses the Danube, he is defeated and routed by the Hungarian army. June – Siege of Semlin: The People's Crusade led by Peter the Hermit arrive at Semlin. Hearing rumors of an attack from the Hungarian count Guz of Semlin on the rearguard, he plunders its supplies and horses.

June 26 – The People's Crusade led by Peter the Hermit cross the Sava but are attacked by Pechenegs and Hungarian forces. The citizens of Belgrade flee and the crusaders burn the city. Peter travels for seven days, arrives at Niš. July – The People's Crusade led by Peter the Hermit is defeated by the Byzantine army in battle near Niš; the crusader supply train of some 2,000 wagons and Peter's treasury chest are captured by the Byzantines. About a quarter of the People's Crusade is lost. July 12 – The People's Crusade led by Peter the Hermit reach Sofia, where they meet envoys from Constantinople with orders to keep them supplied along the road. At Philippopolis the Greeks are so moved by the suffering of Peter and his followers that the locals give them money and horses. August 1 – The People's Crusade led by Peter the Hermit arrives at Constantinople, he is received by Emperor Alexios I. The crusaders commit endless thefts in the suburbs. Peter combines his forces with camps outside Constantinople.

August 2 –6 – The People's Crusade are reorganizing their forces and gathering supplies. Alexios I advises Peter the Hermit to wait for reinforcements; the People's army is transported across the Bosporus – by the Byzantine fleet to Civetot. August – Hugh, count of Vermandois, departs to join the First Crusade, he travels with a small army via the Alps to Rome. While sailing the Adriatic Sea from Bari to Dyrrachium his fleet is reduced by shipwreck. Hugh's own ship is stranded on the shore near Epirus. August – Godfrey of Bouillon, duke of Lower Lorraine, accompanied by his younger brother Baldwin, sets off to join the First Crusade at the head of an army of some 40,000 men, he pledges his allegiance to Emperor Henry IV. September – French forces led by Geoffrey Burel raid around Nicaea, plundering livestock and villages in the suburbs, they commit atrocities against local Christian peasants. Children are dismembered by the crusaders. September – Germa


DWIZ-FM is an FM radio station owned by the Aliw Broadcasting Corporation, broadcasting with a music and talk format. This is the first in Philippine radio history to have a DWIZ-branded FM station replacing the Home Radio brand which existed from 2010 to July 2013; the station's studio and transmitter are located at 4/F, Orchids Hotel Building, Rizal St. Dagupan City, Philippines, it operates weekdays from 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM and weekends from 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM. In 2010, Aliw Broadcasting Corporation and operator of DWIZ, launched Home Radio in Dagupan City, operating at 89.3 FM with an authorized broadcast power of 10,000 watts. The station's format was easy listening on weekdays, with variety hits on Sundays, it provided various programs and segments to cater its listeners in Dagupan City and the entire broadcast area of Pangasinan. One of the station's notable programs is The Weekend Easy 10, wherein texters can vote in for their favorite songs; the program continued until Home Radio's demise in Dagupan City.

89dot3 Home Radio in Dagupan City made its final broadcast on July 14, 2013. In June 2013, ABC Chairman, Amb. Antonio Cabangon-Chua announced that 89.3 FM would be reformatted into a news/talk station with the branding, DWIZ 89.3 News Radio Dagupan. On July 15, 2013 at 5:00 am, DWIZ 89.3 had its maiden broadcast, with Todo Balita as its first program, The station operated back from 5:00 am to midnight. Music programming returned to DWIZ 89.3 with Memories. A week the station had its grand launching and blessing of the station's studio, located at Orchids Hotel Dagupan. In 2014, the management decided to rebrand as DWIZ 89.3 Dagupan with the slogan, Your Music and News Radio, revised its programming lineup, thus reducing its operating hours, this time from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, but the station's broadcast is now extended to 5:00 am to 11:00 pm due to simulcasting of Pangga Ruth Abao Live on DWIZ. In 2015, DWIZ announced; the program airs from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm, it is simulcast on DWIZ's Manila, Palawan and MIMAROPA stations.

Todo Balita Isyu at Reaksyon Mga Balita at Komentaryo sa Lungsod Orly in the Morning Emotions in Motion Dr. Heart IZ Balita Nationwide Doble Banda Balita Na, Serbisyo Pa TNT: Todong Nationwide Talakayan Pusong Pinoy sa Radyo Pangga Ruth Abao Live Liway Manantan-Iparaguirre Orly Navarro Raul "Insyong" Tamayo Susan Valdez-Yadao Allan Sison RJ Jimenez Ronald Balaba Jaquilyn Matabang Lawrence Paris Ian Mejia Cristine Martirez Andy Vital Minnie Alcaide-Caburnay

Abdul Bari Siddiqui

Abdul Bari Siddiqui is an Indian politician, the Finance Minister of Bihar, He is a MLA representing Alinagar, Bihar. Siddiqui is a member of the Rashtriya Janata Dal political party, he won in the 2015 Bihar Legislative Assembly election In 2019 Loksabha Elections he contested from Darbhanga and lost to Gopal Jee Thakur of BJP. Siddiqui was the Leader of Opposition following the 2010 Bihar Legislative Assembly election until the split between JD and BJP led the latter to leave the government and become the official opposition. Siddiqui was elected the chairman of the Bihar Cricket Association in September, 2015 defeating former association president Vinod Kumar, he is the head of the Bihar Badminton Association. He is known to be a close associate of Mr. Lalu Prasad; when asked in 2009, for Contesting the Madhubani Parliamentary Elections, he filed his nomination and unsuccessfully contested, losing by the margin of 10k votes. Which led to trailingredients of Dr. Shakeel Ahmed to 3rd position.

He Again contested 2014 Madhubani loksabha elections unsuccessfully losing to veteran BJP leader Hukumdev Narayan Yadav by a margin of 15k votes. He is 7th time MLA, he used to contest from Bahera, After delimination of that Constituency, he contest from Alinagar. Abdul Bari Siddiqui representing JP defeated Harinath Mishra of Congress in 1977 from Bahera, the first time he became an MLA, his son, Anis Bari pursued MBA from Asian Institute of Manila. He is an entrepreneur and runs a start-up based in Delhi