109 (number)

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Cardinal one hundred nine
Ordinal 109th
(one hundred ninth)
Factorization prime
Prime 29th
Divisors 1, 109
Greek numeral ΡΘ´
Roman numeral CIX
Binary 11011012
Ternary 110013
Quaternary 12314
Quinary 4145
Senary 3016
Octal 1558
Duodecimal 9112
Hexadecimal 6D16
Vigesimal 5920
Base 36 3136

109 (one hundred [and] nine) is the natural number following 108 and preceding 110.

In mathematics[edit]

109 is the 29th prime number, so it is a prime with a prime subscript.[1] The previous prime is 107, making them both twin primes.[2] 109 is a centered triangular number.[3]

There are exactly 109 different families of subsets of a three-element set whose union includes all three elements,[4] 109 different loops (invertible but not necessarily associative binary operations with an identity) on six elements.[5] and 109 squares on an infinite chessboard that can be reached by a knight within three moves.[6]

In other fields[edit]

109 is also the atomic number of meitnerium.[7]

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