10K, la década robada

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10K, la década robada (Spanish: 10K, the stolen decade) is a 2014 Argentine book written by Jorge Lanata. The name makes reference to Kirchnerism, described by its supporters as "the earned decade"; the letter K is usually used as a symbol of the political movement.


Lanata wrote the book detailing things that he had seen during the regimes of Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, he detailed issues that were overlooked before their presidencies, such as the strong state interventionism during Kirchner's rule of the Santa Cruz Province. He also commented that he did not mention his suspects about the corruption charges over the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo before the Schoklender scandal because of respect to their careers, he also included info about The Route of the K-Money scandal, and his view over the ongoing development of the case. He also details the attempts of the government to manipulate the media.[1]


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