10 (Ginger album)

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Ginger 10.jpg
Compilation album by Ginger
Released October 10, 2010
Recorded 2000-2010
Genre Hard rock
Length 68:30
Label Round
Ginger chronology
Market Harbour
Professional ratings
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Vital Signs(positive)[1]

10 (sometimes known as Ten) is a compilation album by The Wildhearts frontman Ginger, collecting solo tracks from the previous ten years. The tracks are compiled from the Ginger albums Yoni and Market Harbour, the Silver Ginger 5 release Black Leather Mojo, and the Ginger & the Sonic Circus release Valor Del Corazon. The tracks "No Way Out But Through" and "This Too Will Pass" were previously unreleased.[2]

Ginger also added a second collection of solo tracks, known as 10 (Two), as a free 10-track download,[3] expanding the collection to 26 tracks overall.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Ginger.

1."Sonic Shake"3:08
2."Yeah Yeah Yeah"4:23
3."How Hard Can You Make It"1:45
4."Mother City"3:37
5."Any Way But Maybe"3:52
6."Black Windows"5:35
7."Church of the Broken Hearted"5:13
8."Drinking in the Daytime"6:31
9."The Man Who Cheated Death"4:28
10."Only a Problem"3:52
11."When She Comes"3:34
12."I Knew You"2:54
13."Girls Are Better Than Boys"3:06
15."No Way Out But Through"3:58
16."This Too Will Pass"4:18

10 (Two) Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Ginger.

1."Can't Drink You Pretty"5:18
2."10 Flaws Down"7:10
3."Drunken Lord of Everything"2:53
5."The Monkey Zoo"6:01
6."This Bed Is on Fire"5:13
7."Inside Out"3:39
8."Why Can't You Just Be Normal All the Time"3:23
9."(Whatever Happened to) Rock 'n' Roll Girls"3:57