10 (Los Angeles Railway)

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Type Light rail
System Los Angeles Railway
Locale Los Angeles
Termini Grand Avenue and 39th Street
Vernon and Arlington Avenues
Stations 9
Opened 1932
Closed 1946
Track gauge narrow gauge
Electrification Overhead lines
Route map


F, 5, 9
Grand and 39th
Grand and Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara and HooverF, 9
Santa Barbara and VermontU, V
Santa Barbara and Normandie
Santa Barbara and Dalton5
Dalton and Vernon
Vernon and Western
Vernon and Arlington

10 was a line operated by the Los Angeles Railway from 1932 to 1946. At the time of its closure, it ran from Grand Avenue and 39th Street to the intersection of Vernon and Arlington Avenues, by way of Grand Avenue, Santa Barbara Avenue, Dalton Avenue, and Vernon Avenue. Originally, the route ran all the way to the Edgeware line in Angelino Heights, but this was cut back 1 January 1943. Why the new terminus was at the seemingly arbitrary intersection of Grand and 39th is unknown.

Geographic map; 10 is in grey