10 Years After (album)

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10 Years After
Jerusalem - 10 years after.jpg
Compilation album by Jerusalem
Released 1988
Genre Hard rock, rock
Length 91:08
Label Refuge
Producer Ulf Christiansson & Roy Nenow
Jerusalem chronology
Dancing on the Head of the Serpent
10 Years After
Klassiker 1 (Classics 1)

10 Years After is the first compilation album, and the seventh album overall, by the Swedish hard rock band Jerusalem, released in 1988. The collection focused solely on their English output; there was no corresponding Swedish collection. On LP and cassette, it was released as a double album. The CD version dropped some of the songs to fit onto one disc. Some pressings had a previously unreleased song, "Covered by Blood".[1][2][3][4]

Track listing[edit]

Volume 1: The Early Years[edit]

No.TitleOriginal albumLength
1."Noah"Jerusalem (Volume 1) 
2."Mr. Ego"Jerusalem (Volume 1) 
3."Wake Up"Volym 2 (Volume 2) 
4."A Flower"Volym 2 (Volume 2) 
5."Constantly Changing"Krigsman (Warrior) 
6."Warrior"Krigsman (Warrior) 
7."It's Mad"Krigsman (Warrior) 
8."Practice What We Preach"Ulf Christiansson's solo album: In My Dreams 
9."Reach for the Stars"In My Dreams 
10."He's Coming Like a Thief" (not included on CD)In My Dreams 


Volume 2: The Latter Years[edit]

No.TitleOriginal albumLength
1."Can't Stop Us Now"Vi Kan Inte Stoppas (Can't Stop Us Now) 
2."The Wind is Blowing"Vi Kan Inte Stoppas (Can't Stop Us Now) 
3."Let's Go (Dancin')"Vi Kan Inte Stoppas (Can't Stop Us Now) 
4."In His Majesty's Service"In His Majesty's Service – Live in USA 
5."The Tide" (not included on CD)In His Majesty's Service - Live in USA 
6."Read Between the Lines"In His Majesty's Service - Live in USA 
7."Rebels of Jesus Christ"Dancing on the Head of the Serpent 
8."Plunder Hell and Populate Heaven"Dancing on the Head of the Serpent 
9."Dancing on the Head of the Serpent"Dancing on the Head of the Serpent 
10."Covered by Blood" (not on all pressings)previously unreleased 


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