10 Years of Cheap Fame

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10 Years of Cheap Fame
28 days - 10 Years of Cheap Fame.jpg
Studio album by 28 Days
Released 16 March 2007
Genre Punk rock, rap rock
Label Rebel Scum (Australia)
Producer Self Produced
28 Days chronology
Extremist Makeover
10 Years of Cheap Fame

10 Years of Cheap Fame is the fifth and last album by 28 Days.

10 Years of Cheap Fame features several hit release singles from previous 28 Days albums, drawing especially from Upstyledown.

Track listing[edit]

This is the track listing as printed on the disc.

All tracks written by 28 Days.

No.TitleOriginally appeared onLength
1."Rip It Up"Upstyledown3:39
3."Say What"Stealing Chairs3:40
5."What's The Deal"Stealing Chairs3:22
6."Take Me Away"Stealing Chairs3:40
7."Song For Jasmine"Upstyledown4:01
8."Deadly Like"Upstyledown3:50
9."A General"Stealing Chairs3:02
10."Birthday"Extremist Makeover2:42
11."Use It"Extremist Makeover3:02
12."Sand"28 Days (album)2:17
13."Kool"28 Days (album)2:30
14."La Tune"28 Days (album)1:45
15."Boom"Bring 'em Back3:47
16."Gurl Guri Surfrider (Hali Kali cover)"N/A4:46