10 x My Age

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10 x My Age
10 x My Age.jpg
EP by Trumans Water
Released 1993
Genre Rock
Length 17:42
Label Elemental Records
Trumans Water chronology
Hey Fish
10 x My Age

10 x My Age is a 1993 EP by Trumans Water, released by Elemental Records. It was released as a CD and as a 10" record pressed on white vinyl.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Empty Queen II" 3:40
2. "Second Bass Drum" 2:15
3. "Enflamed (Sic)" 2:41
4. "Paid Squat" 1:33
5. "Parabolic" 3:31
6. "Action Sound Deadman" 4:02

Track listing notes: "Action Sound Deadman" ends at 3:14 and, after about four seconds of silence, is followed by an unlisted, 44-second excerpt of a Glen Galloway/Soul-Junk demo. Bandmembers at the time of the release of 10 x My Age stated in interviews that this was a mastering mistake and not a "bonus track".

The versions of "Empty Queen II" and "Enflamed (sic)" on this release are the same as those included on "Hey Fish" and "Godspeed the Punchline", respectively.


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