10th Air Army

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10th Air Army
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Active 1942–1949
Branch Soviet Air Force
Part of Unknown

The 10th Air Army was a unit of the Soviet Air Forces during the Cold War years.

The unit was originally on Sakhalin Island during the mid-1940s.

On 3 September 1945 it included:[1]

  • 18th Mixed Aviation Corps
    • 96th Assault Aviation Division
    • 296th Fighter Aviation Division
    • 777th Fighter Aviation Regiment
    • 140th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron
    • 28th independent Artillery Correction Squadron
  • 83rd Bomber Aviation Division
  • 128th Mixed Aviation Division
  • 255th Mixed Aviation Division
  • 253rd Assault Aviation Division
  • 29th Fighter Aviation Division
  • 254th Fighter Aviation Division
  • 7th independent Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment
  • 411th independent Artillery Correction Regiment
  • 344th Transport Aviation Regiment

In July 1948 it was transferred to Vozzhayevka airfield west of Khabarovsk.[2]

By a directive of 10 January 1949, it became the 29th Air Army.

As of 1950, the army operated airfields at Vozzhayevka, Pozdeyevka (Pozdeevka), Zavitinsk (Zavitaya), and Kuibyshevka.[2]

In 1957, the 29th Air Army was amalgamated with the 54th Air Army, and became the 1st Special Far Eastern Air Army.


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