10th Anniversary: Fantasia in Tokyo Dome

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10th Anniversary: Fantasia in Tokyo Dome
10th Anniversary Fantasia in Tokyo Dome.jpg
Video by Koda Kumi
Released 18 March 2011 (DVD and Blu-ray)
20 March 2013 (rental live CD)
Recorded 2011
Genre Pop, R&B, J-pop, dance-pop
Label Rhythm Zone
Producer Koda Kumi
Koda Kumi chronology
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10th Anniversary: Fantasia in Tokyo Dome
Live Tour 2011: Dejavu

10th Anniversary: Fantasia in Tokyo Dome (stylized as KODA KUMI 10th Anniversary ~FANTASIA~ in TOKYO DOME) is the 11th live DVD released by Japanese singer Koda Kumi, released on March 18, 2011.


On December 5, 2010, Koda Kumi held a concert to celebrate 10 years as an artist and showcased 46 songs. This was her second performance at Tokyo Dome - her first being her Black Cherry Tour.

The DVD includes a 30-minute making video and backstage footage at Tokyo Dome Live. The limited edition DVD came with a replica staff pass, which mimicked the passes used by the tour staff.[1]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Butterfly"
  2. "show girl"
  3. "Cherry Girl"
  4. "Ima Sugu Hoshii"
  5. "Lollipop"
  6. "Crazy 4 U"
    <Interlude Movie 1>
  7. "Selfish"
  8. "Ningyo-hime"
  9. "We Will Rock You / real Emotion / BUT / Freaky"
    <Interlude Movie 2>
  10. "Ai no Uta"
  11. "Rain / Promise / Anata Dake ga / come back"
  12. "0-ji Mae no Tsunderella"
  13. "Take Back"
  14. "Moon Crying"
  15. "Ai no Kotoba"
    <Interlude Movie 3>
  16. "Koi no Tsubomi"
  17. "Inside Fishbowl"
  18. "Gentle Words"
  19. "Someday"
  20. "Lick me♥"


  1. Encore
    "Be My Baby"
    "Megumi no Hito"
    "Dance Part"
    "It's all Love!"
  2. Double Encore
    "Come With Me / Lady Go! / So Into You / Won't Be Long / Taboo / Trust Your Love / Chase / Cutie Honey / No Regret / love across the ocean / Come Over
    "Suki de, Suki de, Suki de."
  3. "Bonus Pictures from Tokyo Dome and Making Video"

Chart history[edit]

Chart (2011) Peak
Oricon Weekly DVD Top 200 1


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