10th BRICS summit

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2018 BRICS summit
10th BRICS summit
Host country South Africa
Date 25–27 July 2018
Venue(s) Sandton Convention Centre.
Cities Johannesburg
Participants BRICS
Follows 9th BRICS summit
Precedes 11th BRICS summit
Website http://www.brics2018.org.za
Group photo of BRICS leaders

The 2018 BRICS summit is the tenth annual BRICS summit, an international relations conference attended by the heads of state or heads of government of the five member states Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The summit was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, the second time the South Africa has hosted the summit after the 2013 summit.[1][2]This years theme 'BRICS in Africa'.

Participating leaders[edit]