10th Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)

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10th Cavalry Division
10-я кавалерийская дивизия
Active 1914–1918
Country  Russian Empire
Branch Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svg Russian Imperial Army
Role Cavalry

The 10th Cavalry Division (Russian: 10-я кавалерийская дивизия, 10-ya Kavaleriiskaya Diviziya) was an cavalry formation of the Russian Imperial Army.[1]


  • 1st Cavalry Brigade
    • Novgorod 10th Regiment of Dragoons
    • Odessa 10th Uhlan Regiment
  • 2nd Cavalry Brigade
    • Ingermanland 10th Regiment of Hussars
    • Orenburg 1st Regiment of Cossacks
  • 10th Horse Artillery Division



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