10th Division (Iraq)

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The 10th Division is a division of the Iraqi Army.


The 10th Armoured Division, served in Iran–Iraq War. The division suffered heavy losses in Operation Fath ol-Mobin. it also fought in Operation Ramadan and Operation Jerusalem.

The division also fought in Persian Gulf War with Jihad Forces (corps). It was considered the best regular division in the Iraqi Army.[1] It had more modern equipment than the other regular Iraqi units.[2] It was equipped with T-72 and T-62 tanks.[3] It engaged American and British forces during the Battle of Norfolk. British forces engaged an Iraqi 10th Armoured Division T-62 tank battalion that was assigned to the Republican Guard Tawakalna Division at the battle for Objective Dorset.[4]

During the 4th Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division's, tour from June 2008-mid-2009, the 10th Iraqi Army Division conducted Operation "Lion's Roar," a combined live-fire exercise in Maysan province in April 2009 – the first of its kind in the Iraqi Army. The exercise integrated U.S. enablers and demonstrated the capability and lethality of the Iraqi Army.

On 29 August 2015, Brigadier General Mahmoud al-Filahi was appointed as the commander of the division, after the former commander, Brigadier General Safin Abdulmajid, was killed by a suicide car bomber in Ramadi.[5]


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