10th Engineer Brigade (Romania)

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10th Engineer Brigade Official Insignia

The 10th Engineer Brigade (Brigada 10 Geniu) is an engineer brigade currently operational within the Romanian Land Forces and is part of the 2nd Infantry Division.


  • 10th Engineer Brigade - Brăila
    • 72nd Engineer (Bridges) Battalion "Matei Basarab" - Brăila [1]
    • River-crossing Battalion - Brăila
    • 136th Engineer Battalion "Apulum"
    • 110th Logistics Support Battalion [2]


  • 10th Engineer Brigade in Brăila
    • 52nd Engineer Battalion "Tisa" in Satu Mare
    • 72nd Engineer Battalion "Matei Basarab" in Brăila
    • 136th Engineer Battalion "Apulum" in Alba Iulia
    • River Crossing Battalion in Brăila
    • 110th Logistic Battalion in Brăila


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