10th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

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The 10th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island represented the colony of Prince Edward Island between November 3, 1818, and 1820.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Prince Edward Island, Charles Douglass Smith. Angus McAulay was elected speaker.


The members of the Prince Edward Island Legislature after the general election of 1818 were:

Riding Name
Prince County Alexander Campbell
David Murray
Charles Binns
William McNeill
Queens County Angus McAulay
William Hyde
Ewan Cameron
Lemuel Cambridge
Kings County Benjamin Coffin
James McLaren
Charles Worrell
Charles Kelly
Charlottetown Samuel Nelson
Paul Mabey
Georgetown Thomas Alley
Theophilus Chappell
Princetown James Townsend
Dugald Stewart

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