10th Indiana Cavalry Regiment

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10th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Cavalry
(125th Indiana Regiment)
Flag of the United States (1863-1865).svg
Flag of the United States, 1863–1865
Active December 30, 1863, to August 31, 1865
Country United States
Allegiance Union
Branch Cavalry
Engagements Battle of Decatur
Third Battle of Murfreesboro

The 10th Regiment Indiana Cavalry, also designated the 125th Indiana Regiment, was a Cavalry Regiment raised in southern Indiana to fight in the American Civil War.


The 10th Regiment Indiana Cavalry was organized at Columbus and Vincennes, Indiana, in the winter of 1863 through the spring of 1864. In command of the Regiment was Colonel Thomas N. Pace. The Regimental Companies were:


Army Organization[edit]

Date Organization
June 1864 through November 1864 Attached to the District of Northern Alabama Department of the Cumberland
November 1864 through March 1865 Attached to the 1st Brigade, 7th Division, Wilson's Cavalry Corps, Military Division of the Mississippi
March 1865 through May 1865 Attached to the 2nd Brigade, Grierson's 1st Cavalry Division, Military Division West Mississippi
May 1865 through June 1865 Attached to the 3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Military Division West Mississippi
June 1865 through August 1865 Attached to the District of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Military Division of the Mississippi

Time Line[edit]

Once the Regiment was moved into Pulaski, Tennessee, the 10th Indiana Cavalry Regiment was broken up into detachments for a variety of missions.

Date Battle or Engagement of Service
June 1 – November 26, 1864 Duty at Pulaski, Tennessee, and Decatur, Alabama, guarding Northern Alabama Railroad by detachments
September 2, 1864 Action at Elk River
September 25, 1864 Sulphur Branch Trestle
September 26, 1864 Richland Creek, near Pulaski, Tennessee
September 26 – 27, 1864 Repulse of Forest's attack on Pulaski, Tennessee
October 1–2, 1864 Athens, Tennessee
October 26 – 29, 1864 Murfreesboro, Tennessee
November 26, 1864 Moved to Nashville, Tennessee
December 1, 1864 A Detachment at Decatur, Alabama - Siege of Decatur
December 5 – 17, 1864 A Detachment moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and participated in the Siege of Murfreesboro
December 5–8, 1864 "The Cedars"
December 13 – 14, 1864 Owen's Cross Roads
December 15 – 16, 1864 Battle of Nashville, Tennessee
December 17 – 28, 1864 Pursuit of Hood to the Tennessee River
December 17, 1864 Franklin and Hollow Tree Gap
December 25 – 26, 1864 Sugar Creek, Pulaski
December 27 – 28, 1864 Decatur, Alabama (Detachment)
December 29, 1864 Pond Springs, Alabama (Detachment)
December 31, 1864 Russellsville (Detachment)
February, 1865 Detachments brought together
February 12 – March 22, 1865 Moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi; then to New Orleans, Louisiana, and to Mobile Bay, Alabama
March 22 – April 12, 1865 Campaign against Mobile and its defenses
March 26 – April 9, 1865 Siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely
April 12, 1865 Capture of Mobile, Alabama
April 13 – 20, 1865 March to Montgomery, Alabama
June – August 1865 March to Columbus and Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Provost duty in Holmes and Attalla Counties
August 31, 1865 Mustered out at Vicksburg, Mississippi

Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 20 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 157 Enlisted men by disease. Total 182.

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