10th Infantry Division (Bangladesh)

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10th Infantry Division
Active01 March 2015 - present
Country Bangladesh
Allegiance Bangladesh
Branch Bangladesh Army
Garrison/HQRamu Cantonment
Major General Mohammad Maksudur Rahman

The 10th Infantry Division is a formation of the Bangladesh Army. It's located in Cox's Bazar district. It's one of the two division in Chittagong Division. It was formed as part of the development vision of Bangladesh Armed Forces Forces Goal 2030.


Chittagong division has history of ethnic and religious strife. To tackle the problem & to protect the new maritime boundary increasing army's capability in the area was necessary. With that in mind initiative were being taken to establish an infantry division in the area. It was part of the development vision of Bangladesh Armed Forces Forces Goal 2030.[1]

On 19 April 2014 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed the approval for a new cantonment in Ramu.[2]

Sheikh Hasina formally announced the raising 10th Infantry Division and the brigade and regiments under it by raising the flag, on 1 March 2015.

Flag of seven units including 2 Infantry Brigade was hoisted on 10 March 2016.[3] Seven newly formed unit flag hoisting ceremony was held on 9 February 2017.[4] Flag hoisting program of 04 new units was held on 20 February 2018.[5]


Under the division there are two infantry brigade, one artillery brigade, five infantry regiments, three artillery regiment,one engineering battalion & other various units including SSD Ramu & two field workshop unit.[6][7][8][9] Major General Mohammad Maksudur Rahman is the current commander of the division.[10]

Combat Arms

  • Regiment of Artillery
    • 10 Artillery Brigade
    • 23 Field Regiment Artillery
    • 40 Field Regiment Artillery
    • 41 Medium Regiment Artillery
  • Infantry:
    • 2 Infantry Brigade
    • 97 Infantry Brigade
    • 16 Cavalry Unit
    • 8 East Bengal Regiment
    • 24 Infantry Battalion
    • 60 East Bengal Regiment
    • 63 East Bengal Regiment
    • 36 Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
    • 37 Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
    • 38 Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
    • 39 Bangladesh Infantry Regiment
    • 24 Infantry Battalion

Combat support

  • Ordnance Corps
    • 509 Division Ordnance Company
    • 10 Independent Ammunition Platoon

Combat Service support


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