10th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)

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10th Infantry Division
10-я пехотная дивизия
Active 1806 – c. 1918
Country  Russian Empire
Branch Lesser Coat of Arms of Russian Empire.svg Russian Imperial Army
Role Infantry
Size approx. 20,000[1]
Garrison/HQ Warsaw
Nizhny Novgorod
Engagements World War I

The 10th Infantry Division (Russian: 10-я пехотная дивизия, 10-ya Pekhotnaya Diviziya) was an infantry formation of the Russian Imperial Army that existed in various formations from the early 19th century until the end of World War I and the Russian Revolution. The division was based in Warsaw and later Nizhny Novgorod in the years leading up to 1914. It fought in World War I and was demobilized in 1918.[2][3]


The 10th Infantry Division was part of the 5th Army Corps.[3]



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