10th Regiment (Denmark)

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10th Regiment
10. Regiment
Active November 1, 1951
Disbanded September 1, 1961
Country DenmarkDenmark
Branch Flag of Denmark (state).svg Royal Danish Army
Part of Army Operational Command

The 10th Regiment (Danish: 10. Regiment, widely known as the Feltherrens Fodregiment) was a Danish Army infantry regiment. On 1 September 1961 it was merged with 8. Regiment (from 1 November 1961 known as Dronningens Livregiment). The name Feltherrens Fodregiment was never the official name, as the official name was 10. Regiment.


The Regiment was raised during 1703 in Italy, as part of the Danish corps fighting in foreign service. On its return to Denmark it continued directly into the Great Northern War against Sweden. It further participated in the First Schleswig War (1848–1850) and the Second Schleswig War (1864). The regimental flag had the battle honour Gadebusch 1712, Fredericia 1848 and Dybbøl 1864.

It has been garrisoned in Holstein, Sønderjylland and Nørrejylland, and for a short while in Copenhagen. After the war of 1864 it was garrisoned in Aalborg, from 1938 in Viborg and from 1 January 1952 back in Aalborg.

Names of the regiment[edit]

1. Danske Infanteriregiment 1st Danish Infantry Regiment 10 April 1703 1735
Slesvigske Infanteri-Regiment Schleswig Infantry Regiment 1735 1785
Riberske Infanteri-Regiment Ribe Infantry Regiment 1785 1790
2. Jydske Infanteri-Regiment 2nd Jutland Infantry Regiment 1790 1842
9. Linie Infanteribataillon 9th Line Infantry Batalion 1842 1860
9. Infanteribataillon 9th Infantry Batalion 1860 1863
9. Infanteriregiment 9th Infantry Regiment 1863 1865
9. Infanteribataillon 9th Infantry Batalion 1865 1867
9. Bataillon 9th Batalion 1867 1951
10. Regiment 10th Regiment 1 November 1951 1961


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