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Events from the 10th century in, or regarding, Historic Serbia or Serbs.


The following, of the Vlastimirović dynasty, ruled Serbia:


  • 914–917
    • Byzantines sends envoys to Serbs and Magyars regarding an alliance against the Bulgarians.
    • Prince Petar of Serbia annexes Bosnia and Pagania.
    • Prince Petar comes into conflict with Michael of Zahumlje.
    • Michael warns the Bulgarians about the Serbian-Byzantine alliance.
  • 917
    • End of 20-year-peace between Serbia and Bulgaria;
    • Prince Petar defends an attack by his cousin and Bulgarian ally Pavle.
    • Prince Petar is captured by Bulgarian generals, sent to jail in Bulgaria, and dies within a year.
    • Pavle becomes the Serbian Prince.
  • 920
    • Prince Pavle defends an attack by his cousin and Byzantine ally Zaharija.
    • Zaharija is handed over to Symeon of Bulgaria.
    • Prince Pavle switches to Byzantine support.
  • 921–922
    • Zaharija is dispatched with Bulgarian troops and there is no more mention of Pavle.
    • Zaharija becomes the Serbian Prince.
    • Zaharija revows his loyalty to the Byzantine Empire.
  • 923
    • Zaharija united several Slav tribes along the common border to revolt against Bulgaria. Symeon sent an insufficient number of troops to quell the rebels; several Bulgarian generals were killed, their heads and weapons were sent to Constantinople by Zaharija as gifts and signs of loyalty
  • 924
    • Časlav is dispatched with Bulgarian troops, forcing Zaharija into exile in Croatia.
    • Symeon summons the Serbian nobility, to pay homage to their new Prince, Časlav, but instead of instating him, Symeon takes them captive, annexing Serbia.
  • 925
  • 893–927
  • 927
  • 927 or 933
    • Časlav returns to Serbia.
    • Časlav unites the tribes of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Old Serbia and Montenegro (incorporated Zeta, Pagania, Zahumlje, Travunia, Konavle, Bosnia and Rascia into Serbia, ι Σερβλια).
  • before 960
    • The Magyars invade Bosnia.
    • Časlav and his army defeats the Magyars. Kisa, the Magyar Duke, is killed by Tihomir. (see Battle of Drina)
    • Tihomir receives the Drina župania and marries the daughter of Časlav.
  • after 960
    • Kisa's widow returns with an army. Časlav is captured and killed.
    • Tihomir becomes the Serbian Prince.
  • 961–962
    • Saqaliba (Slavs) in the mountainous regions of Central Balkans, "west of the Bulgarians and east from the other Slavs (Croats)", have the reputation of being "the most courageous and violent".
  • 968–971
  • 969–971
    • Serbia is conquered by the Byzantines.
  • 971–976
  • ca. 990
  • 992
  • 998
    • Rascia and Bosnia is annexed by Bulgaria.
  • early 10th century
  • 968–1018
  • 10th- or 11th century


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