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Type Rifle
Place of origin Austria-Hungary
Service history
In service 1877-1918
Used by Austria-Hungary
Wars World War I (limited use)
Production history
Designed 1877
Parent case 11.15×42mmR
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter 11.2 mm (0.44 in)
Neck diameter 11.84 mm (0.466 in)
Shoulder diameter 13.61 mm (0.536 in)
Base diameter 13.84 mm (0.545 in)
Rim diameter 15.67 mm (0.617 in)
Case length 57.66 mm (2.270 in)
Overall length 76.71 mm (3.020 in)

The 11×58mmR M1877, 11mm Werndl or 11.15×58mmR is a black powder cartridge used in the M1867 Werndl–Holub rifle as well as the Mannlicher M1886 rifle.[1]

11x58mmR Werndl (upper left) with other contemporary European black powder cartridges


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