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Countmeout 110.jpg
Studio album by Count Me Out
Released August 22, 2000
Recorded July 11, 2000
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 20:34
Label Indecision Records
Producer Brian McTernan
Count Me Out chronology
Few and Far Between

110 is the debut album from hardcore punk band, Count Me Out. It was released in August, 2000 on Indecision Records, following an EP released in 1999. As well as on CD format, it was also released in limited vinyl quantities of 110 clear yellow, 331 solid yellow, and 990 black – with a further 110 released to promote the 2002 tour. The album's title is a reference to the number of original copies (the clear yellow ones) released, but the cover indicates the album would have otherwise been eponymous.[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Count Me Out.

1."Best of Me"1:36
2."Where We Started"0:50
3."Another Year"2:22
4."One Ten"1:56
5."Always Have"2:45
6."What We Built"2:18
7."Right for You"1:46
8."Far from Close"2:44
9."Nothing Left"1:59


  • Jason Mazzola – vocals
  • Pete Appleby – guitar
  • Garth Petrie – guitar
  • Charlie Flexon – bass
  • Colin Kimble – drums
  • Recorded July 11, 2000
  • Produced and engineered by Brian McTernan

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