110th Virginia General Assembly

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110th Virginia General Assembly
109th 111th
Virginia Capitol 1916.jpg
Jurisdiction Virginia, United States
Term January 9, 1918 (1918-01-09) – January 14, 1920 (1920-01-14)
Senate of Virginia
Members 40 senators
President J. Taylor Ellyson (D)
until February 1, 1918
Benjamin F. Buchanan (D)
from February 1, 1918
President pro tempore C. Harding Walker (D)
Party control Democratic Party
Virginia House of Delegates
Members 100 delegates
Speaker Harry R. Houston (D)
Party control Democratic Party
1st January 9, 1918 (1918-01-09) – March 22, 1918 (1918-03-22)
2nd August 13, 1919 (1919-08-13) – September 9, 1919 (1919-09-09)

The 110th Virginia General Assembly was the meeting of the legislative branch of the Virginia state government from 1918 to 1920, after the 1917 state elections. It convened in Richmond for two sessions.[1][2]


Party summary[edit]

Resignations and new members are discussed in the "Changes in membership" section, below.


Senate Party standings (at the beginning of this session)
  35 Democrats
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Total Vacant
Democratic Independent Republican
End of previous session 34 1 4 39 1
Begin 35 1 4 40 0
December 21, 1918 34 39 1
January 28, 1919 33 38 2
March 25, 1919 32 37 3
August 13, 1919 35 40 0
Latest voting share 88% 13%
Beginning of next session 34 0 6 40 0



Map of Virginia's senatorial districts as they were in 1918
Office Officer
President of the Senate J Tyler Ellyson 1916.jpg J. Taylor Ellyson (D)
until February 1, 1918
Benjamin Franklin Buchanan 1920.jpg Benjamin F. Buchanan (D)
from February 1, 1918
President pro tempore C Harding Walker 1916.jpg C. Harding Walker (D)
Minority Floor Leader J Powell Royal 1916.jpg J. Powell Royall (R)


District Senator Party Constituency Began serving
1st John P Buchanan 1916.jpg John P. Buchanan Democratic Washington, Smyth, and city of Bristol 1916
2nd John M Goodloe 1916.jpg John M. Goodloe Republican Scott, Lee, and Wise 1916
3rd J Powell Royal 1916.jpg J. Powell Royall Republican Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, and Tazewell 1912
4th W L Andrews 1916.jpg William L. Andrews Democratic Roanoke, Montgomery, and cities of Roanoke and Radford 1915
5th E Lee Trinkle 1916.jpg E. Lee Trinkle Democratic Giles, Bland, Pulaski, and Wythe 1916
6th M Price Webb 1916.jpg M. Price Webb Republican Carroll, Grayson, and Patrick 1916
7th W A Rinehart 1916.jpg William A. Rinehart Democratic Craig, Botetourt, Allegheny, Bath, and city of Clifton Forge 1912
8th George E Conrad 1916.jpg George N. Conrad Democratic Rockingham 1916
9th C T Jordan 1916.jpg Cornelius T. Jordan Independent Augusta, Highland, and city of Staunton 1916
10th Harry F Byrd 1916.jpg Harry F. Byrd Democratic Shenandoah, Frederick, and city of Winchester 1916
11th Lucien Keith Democratic Fauquier and Loudoun 1918
12th H H Downing 1916.jpg Henry H. Downing Democratic Clarke, Page, and Warren 1916
13th C OConor Goolrick 1916.jpg C. O'Conor Goolrick Democratic Spotsylvania, Stafford, Louisa, and city of Fredericksburg 1915
14th R E Thornton 1916.jpg R. Ewell Thornton Democratic Alexandria county, Prince William, Fairfax, and city of Alexandria 1908
15th C T Bowers 1916.jpg Clyde T. Bowers Democratic Culpeper, Madison, Rappahannock, and Orange 1912
16th Thomas S Hening 1916.jpg Thomas S. Hening Democratic Goochland, Powhatan, and Chesterfield 1916
17th N B Early 1916.jpg Nathaniel B. Early Democratic Albemarle, Greene, and city of Charlottesville 1908
18th Sands Gayle 1916.jpg Sands Gayle Democratic Appomattox, Buckingham, Fluvanna, and Charlotte 1910
19th Aubrey E Strode 1916.jpg Aubrey E. Strode Democratic Amherst and Nelson 1916
(previously served 1906-1912)
20th Walter E Addison 1916.jpg Walter E. Addison Democratic Campbell and city of Lynchburg 1916
21st James T Lacy 1916.jpg James T. Lacy Democratic Halifax 1916
22nd A Willis Robertson 1916.jpg A. Willis Robertson Democratic Bedford, Rockbridge, and city of Buena Vista 1916
23rd W A Garrett 1916.jpg William A. Garrett Democratic Pittsylvania, Henry, and city of Danville 1901
24th George T Rison 1916.jpg George T. Rison Democratic Pittsylvania and city of Danville 1904
25th William H Jeffreys Jr 1916.jpg William H. Jeffreys, Jr. Democratic Mecklenburg and Brunswick 1916
26th Beverly A Davis 1916.jpg Beverly A. Davis Republican Franklin and Floyd 1916
27th Sidney B Barham Jr 1916.jpg Sidney B. Barham, Jr. Democratic Greensville, Sussex, Surry, and Prince George 1916
28th George E Allen 1916.jpg George E. Allen Democratic Nottoway, Amelia, Lunenburg, Prince Edward, and Cumberland 1916
29th P H Drewry 1916.jpg Patrick H. Drewry Democratic Dinwiddie and city of Petersburg 1912
30th Junius E West 1916.jpg Junius E. West Democratic Isle of Wight, Southampton, and Nansemond 1912
31st E C Mathews 1916.jpg Earl C. Mathews Democratic Norfolk city 1916
32nd Charles U Gravatt 1916.jpg Charles U. Gravatt Democratic Caroline, Hanover, and King William 1908
33rd W C Corbitt 1916.jpg William C. Corbitt Democratic Norfolk county and city of Portsmouth 1915
34th C Harding Walker 1916.jpg C. Harding Walker Democratic King George, Richmond, Westmoreland, Lancaster, and Northumberland 1899
35th Julien Gunn 1916.jpg Julien Gunn Democratic Henrico, New Kent, Charles City, James City, and city of Williamsburg 1916
36th Saxon W Holt 1916.jpg Saxon W. Holt Democratic Elizabeth City, York, Warwick, and city of Newport News 1904
37th G Walter Mapp 1916.jpg G. Walter Mapp Democratic Accomac, Northampton, and Princess Anne 1912
38th James E Cannon 1916.jpg James E. Cannon Democratic Richmond city 1914
Louis O Wendenburg 1916.jpg Louis O. Wendenburg Democratic 1912
39th J Douglass Mitchell 1920.jpg J. Douglass Mitchell Democratic King and Queen, Middlesex, Essex, Gloucester, and Mathews 1918

House of Delegates[edit]


Office Officer
Speaker of the House Harry R. Houston (D)
Majority Floor Leader R. Holman Willis (D)
Minority Floor Leader Roland E. Chase (R)

Changes in membership[edit]


  • December 21, 1918, Sands Gayle (D-18th district) dies. Replaced by Samuel L. Ferguson at start of extra session.
  • January 28, 1919, Henry H. Downing (D-12th district) dies. Replaced by Robert F. Leedy at start of extra session.
  • March 25, 1919, James T. Lacy (D-21st district) resigns to accept appointment as Halifax County clerk. Replaced by Marshall B. Booker at start of extra session.