Year 1113 was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar. Spring – Siege of Nicaea: Malik Shah, Seljuk ruler of the Sultanate of Rum, sends an expedition through Bithynia to the walls of Nicaea. Seljuk forces raid Abydos on the Hellespont, with its rich custom-houses. Malik Shah captures Pergamum. Emperor Alexios I sets out to meet the Seljuk invaders, he wins a complete victory near Cotyaeum. Summer – King Baldwin I of Jerusalem marries Adelaide del Vasto, the wealthy widow of Count Roger I, she travels to Jerusalem. Their marriage is bigamous, because Baldwin is still married with his second wife Arda of Armenia. June 28 – Battle of Al-Sannabra: The Crusaders led by Baldwin I are defeated by a Seljuk army under Mawdud ibn Altuntash, the Turkic governor of Mosul, at the Jordan River south of the Sea of Galilee. Mawdud sends raiding collums to sacks the town of Nablus; the Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John, founded to protect pilgrims to the Holy Land, is formally recognized by the papal bull called Pie Postulatio Voluntatis.

April 16 – Sviatopolk II, Grand Prince of Kiev, dies after a 20-year reign and is succeeded by his 60-year-old cousin Vladimir II. He begins a campaign against the Cumans on the steppe in an effort to reunite the land of Kievan Rus'. September 7 – The Republic of Pisa signs a treaty with Ramon Berenguer III, count of Barcelona; the Pisan fleet embarks on a campaign against the Moors in the Balearic Islands. The Republic of Florence conquers the neighboring city of Montecascioli, as part of its effort to extend its domination over the contado. Peter Abelard, a French scholastic philosopher, opens his school in Paris, on the heights of Montagne Sainte-Geneviève. Queen Urraca of Castile unsuccessfully attempts to seize the city of Burgos from her ex-husband, King Alfonso I. A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains, the only extant work by the Chinese painter Wang Ximeng, is finished. King Suryavarman II begins his reign as ruler of the Khmer Empire. Bridlington Priory is founded in the Diocese of York.

January 11 – Wang Chongyang, Chinese Daoist August 24 – Geoffrey V, count of Anjou Donnchad I, Scottish nobleman Frederick of Hallum, Frisian priest and abbot Shams-ul-Mulk Isma'il, Seljuk governor Shun'e, Japanese poet Stefan Nemanja, Grand Prince of Serbia January 5 – Ulrich I, Moravian ruler April 13 – Ida of Lorraine, French countess April 16 – Sviatopolk II, Grand Prince of Kiev August 4 – Gertrude of Saxony, countess of Holland October 2 – Mawdud ibn Altuntash, Turkic governor December 10 – Fakhr al-Mulk Radwan, Seljuk ruler Dharanindravarman I, king of the Khmer Empire Girard I, count of Roussillon Ibn Tahir of Caesarea, Arab historian Kyansittha, king of the Pagan Empire Liu, Chinese empress of the Song Dynasty Nestor the Chronicler, Russian historian Odo of Tournai, bishop of Cambrai Syr ibn Abi Bakr, Almoravid military leader Wuyashu, chieftain of the Wanyan tribe

Lucyna Kornobys

Lucyna Kornobys is a Polish Paralympic athlete competing in discus throw, javelin throw and shot put events. She represented Poland at the 2016 Summer Paralympics and she won the silver medal in the women's shot put F34 event, she qualified to represent Poland at the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Japan. At the 2018 World Para Athletics European Championships she won the gold medal in the women's shot put F33 event. In July 2019 she set a new world record in the women's discus throw F33 and women's javelin throw F33 events at the World Para Athletics Grand Prix in Bydgoszcz, Poland. At the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships she won the gold medal in the women's shot put F33 event, she won the bronze medal in the women's javelin throw F34 event. She set new world records in both events. Lucyna Kornobys at the International Paralympic Committee

2012 Asian Youth Boys Volleyball Championship

The 2012 Asian Youth Boys Volleyball Championship was held in Azadi Volleyball Hall, Azadi Sport Complex, Iran. The teams are seeded based on their final ranking at the 2010 Asian Youth Boys Volleyball Championship. * Withdrew The results and the points of the matches between the same teams that were played during the preliminary round shall be taken into account for the classification round. MVP: Akbar Valaei Best Scorer: Yuki Ishikawa Best Spiker: Zhang Zhejia Best Blocker: Sahand Allahverdian Best Server: Javad Hekmati Best Setter: Yu Yaochen Best Libero: Lee Sang-uk Asian Volleyball Confederation FIVB