Year 1120 was a leap year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar. Siege of Sozopolis: Byzantine forces under Emperor John II conquer Sozopolis in Pisidia, from the Sultanate of Rum; the Seljuk garrison is defeated while they are trapped between the army. January 16 – Council of Nablus: King Baldwin II and Patriarch Warmund convenes a assembly at Nablus – establishing the earliest surviving written laws of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem; the prelates and noblemen who attend the meeting confirm the clergy's right to collect the tithe and to bear arms "in the cause of defense". Baldwin II grants the Knights Templar under Hugues de Payens and Godfrey de Saint-Omer a headquarters in a wing of the royal palace on the Temple Mount in the captured Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem. Summer – Baldwin II leads a expedition to Antioch to defend the northern Crusader states, he signs a 1-year truce with Ilghazi, Artuqid ruler of Mardin, securing the possession of Kafartab and other fortresses in Syria.

June 17 – Battle of Cutanda: The combined forces of Aragon and Navarre under King Alfonso I crush the Almoravid army near Calamocha. Alfonso recaptures the fortified towns of Daroca; the Almoravid fleet under Amirals Abu Abd Allah ibn Maymum of Almeria, Isa ibn Maymum of Sevilla attacks the coastline of the Christian Kingdom of Galicia. Freiburg is founded by Conrad I and his elder brother, Duke Berthold III of Zähringen, as a free market town. King Henry I gives a portion of the Stoneleigh estate to Geoffrey de Clinton, his chamberlain and treasurer, he forms a lake to provide better defences. November 25 – The White Ship is sunk in the English Channel, off Barfleur. Henry I's only legitimate son, William Adelin, is among 300; the Pseudo-Ingulf's Croyland Chronicle records Cornwall, as a nation distinct from England. Fang La, a Chinese rebel leader, leads an uprising against the Song Dynasty in Qixian Village in southeast China, he captures Hangzhou. August – September – Wanyan Xiyin, a Jurchen nobleman and minister, completes the design of the first version of the Jurchen script.

The flourishing south Chinese coastal city of Quanzhou claims a population of 500,000 citizens, including the hinterland. Walcher of Malvern, an English astronomer and mathematician, creates a system of measurement for the Earth using degrees and seconds of latitude and longitude. Bishop Urban begins the construction on Llandaff Cathedral in Wales. Arnold I of Vaucourt, archbishop of Trier Frederick II of Berg, archbishop of Cologne Fujiwara no Yorinaga, Japanese statesman Gonçalo Mendes de Sousa, Portuguese nobleman Ioveta of Bethany and daughter of Baldwin II Jaksa Gryfita, Polish nobleman and knight Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, Arabic-Jewish translator Louis VII, king of France Philip of Milly, French nobleman and knight Roger de Mowbray, English nobleman Urban III, pope of the Catholic Church William I, king of Sicily Zhao Boju, Chinese landscape painter September 3 – Blessed Gerard, founder of the Knights Hospitaller September 24 – Welf II, duke of Bavaria November 25 Matilda FitzRoy and daughter of Henry I Ralph of Pont-Echanfray, Norman knight Richard d'Avranches, 2nd Earl of Chester William Adelin and son of Henry I Adelaide, countess of Vermandois and Valois Afridun I, ruler of Shirvan Eudo Dapifer, Norman nobleman Fujiwara no Atsutaka, Japanese nobleman and poet Fujiwara no Sadazane, Japanese calligrapher Ingegerd, queen of Denmark and Sweden Raymond Pilet d'Alès, French nobleman

Peter Bergman

Peter Michael Bergman is an American actor best known for his portrayals as Dr. Cliff Warner on All My Children as well as Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless; the son of Walter Bergman, a United States Navy officer, he was born in Cuba. He graduated from Crossland Senior High School in Camp Springs, Maryland. Bergman was married to actress Christine Ebersole from 1976 to 1981. In 1985, he married Mariellen. Bergman auditioned for the All My Children role of Dr. Jeff Martin, his first notable role was his portrayal of Dr. Cliff Warner on All My Children, which he played from 1979 to 1987 and again from 1988-89, his character, married Nina four times and divorced her three times. When the characters left the serial, their fourth marriage was intact. In a Vicks Formula 44 cough syrup advertising campaign in 1986, Bergman told the viewing audience, "I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV." Chris Robinson, who played Dr. Rick Webber on ABC's General Hospital, was the original spokesperson in the ad campaign, which started in 1984.

Bergman replaced Robinson. The writer of the commercial used this opening line as a disclaimer, because the then-existing "white coat rule" prohibited people from portraying doctors in commercials without some sort of clarification/disclaimer; the original commercial with Chris Robinson became the most-recalled TV commercial in the history of the Vicks brand. Since 1989, Bergman has played the role of Jack Abbott on The Young and the Restless. In 1997, Bergman portrayed Jack Abbott in an episode "The Heather Biblow story" on The Nanny, where he shared an on-screen kiss with Pamela Anderson. In 2001, he guest starred as Jack on The King of Queens in an episode of Season 3. Cliff Warner and Nina Cortlandt Supercouple Eric Braeden Peter Bergman on IMDb CBS: Y&R

Ric Nordman

Rurik Nordman was a businessman and politician in Manitoba, Canada. Nordman served on Winnipeg City Council, representing the St. Charles Ward from 1974 until 1981. In the provincial election of 1981 Nordman defeated NDP candidate Max Melnyk by over 1,000 votes to be elected a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, representing the riding of Assiniboia for the Progressive Conservative Party. In the 1986 election, he won by a greater margin, he was narrowly defeated by Liberal Ed Mandrake in the provincial election of 1988 as the Progressive Conservatives won a minority government. He did not seek a return to politics before his death in 1996. Nordman was respected by members on all sides of the house. Nordman served in the Canadian Army from 1940 to 1945. Nordman worked as a restaurateur following the war, operated a number of successful businesses in Manitoba and California. Ric served two different terms as President of Kirkfield Park Community Club in the mid 1960s as well as being one of the founders of the St. James Canadians Jr. Hockey Club.

He was a founding member of Messiah Lutheran Church in Westwood, a board member of the Rainbow Stage Theatre. In 1992, Nordman was awarded the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal by Premier Gary Filmon in recognition of his service to the community. Ric Nordman died in Winnipeg at the age of 77 and was survived by his wife, Kathleen Nordman, their two sons Grant and Greg. Ric's oldest son, Grant Nordman, was elected as the City Councillor for St. Charles Ward on October 25, 2006, 32 years after his father was first elected to that office. In 2011, his son Greg ran for city council in St. Vital Ward