Year 1122 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. Battle of Beroia: Emperor John II transfers the Byzantine field army from Asia Minor to the Balkans; the Pechenegs who have set up their camp near Beroia are defeated. John orders the Varangian Guard, the elite Palace Guard to hack their way through the Pecheneg circle of wagons, causing a general rout in their camp. Pecheneg survivors enlisted into the Byzantine army. September 13 – Count Joscelin I and Waleran of Le Puiset are taken prisoner by Turkish forces led by Belek Ghazi near Saruj in northern Syria. Belek offers Joscelin liberty in return for the cession of Edessa, he refuses to accept these terms. August 8 – A Venetian fleet under Doge Domenico Michiel with well over a hundred ships sets sail from Venice, carrying an army of around 15,000 men and siege-material; the fleet departs for Palestine – but the Venetians pause to attack Corfu. For six months, throughout the winter of 1122–23, the Venetians lay siege to the Byzantine island.

King Alfonso I of Aragon creates the lay community of knights known as the Confraternity of Belchite. It is the first local attempt to imitate the Order of the Knights Templar created in Palestine; the Almoravid fleet attacks Sicily to suppress the Italo-Norman raiders. The same year, the Muslim population of Malta rebels against the Normans. Siege of Tbilisi: The Georgians led by King David IV re-conquer the city of Tbilisi from the Emirate of Tbilisi after a 1-year siege. David unifies the Georgian State. September 23 – The Concordat of Worms: Emperor Henry V recognizes freedom of election of the clergy and promises to restore all Church property; this bringing an end to the power struggle between the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire, known as the Investiture Controversy. February 24 – Wanyan Liang, Chinese emperor Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France and England Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor Fujiwara no Kiyoko, Japanese empress consort Ibn Hubal, Arab physician and scientist Isaac ben Abba Mari, French Jewish rabbi Jayavarman VII, Cambodian ruler of the Khmer Empire January 18 – Christina Ingesdotter, Kievan princess March 12 – Giso IV, count of Gudensberg May 15 – Yejong, Korean ruler of Goryeo August 9 – Cuno of Praeneste, German cardinal September 9 – Al-Hariri of Basra, Abbasid poet October 20 – Ralph d'Escures, English archbishop November 8 – Ilghazi, Artukid ruler of Mardin November 28 – Ottokar II, margrave of Styria December 3 – Berthold III, duke of Zähringen December 4 – Henry III, duke of Carinthia Al-Baghawi, Persian hadith scholar and writer Alberada of Buonalbergo, duchess of Apulia John of Tours, bishop of Wells Sybilla of Normandy, queen of Scotland Wang Jha-ji, Korean general

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is a Polish government agency which promotes Poland as an attractive destination for foreign investment. In 1992, the Polish Agency for Foreign Investment was created, which in 2003 was merged with the Polish Information Agency to form the named Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency to co-ordinate the promotion of Poland as an attractive destination for foreign investment. In 2017 the Agency change the name to Polish Investment and Trade Agency Aside from the promotion of Poland for economic investment, PAIH assists investors to overcome the administrative and legal hurdles that one must jump over when investing in Poland; the agency conducts investor surveys to determine the outlook of the investment climate in Poland. Its reports inform initiatives pursued by the Ministry of Economy. Why didn't you invest in Eastern Poland? Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency

Valley Torah High School

Valley Torah High School is an Orthodox Jewish high school located in Valley Village, California. The school has two separate divisions: a Boys Division, a Girls Division; the current Dean and Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Avraham Stulburger. The Boys Division Torah Principal is Rabbi Yisroel Semmel and Assistant Principal is Rabbi Chaim Davidowitz; the Girls Division Principal is Mrs. Sheindy Gross and their General Studies Principal is Mrs. Yali Rosenberg. Valley Torah is theologically aligned with the Chofetz Chaim school of thought; this religious philosophy is rooted in the Musar movement of 19th-century Lithuanian Jewry. The Valley Torah Wolfpack won the 2011 Division 6AA CIF basketball championship, becoming the first Jewish school in Southern California to earn a CIF title; the Wolfpack play against the YULA Panthers and Shalhevet Firehawks, two Modern Orthodox Jewish high schools in Los Angeles, California. They won the 2017 Cooper Invitational with Ryan Turell leading the pack with 41 points.

A few weeks they went on to win the Steve Glouberman Annual High School Basketball tournament as well. In the 2017–18 season, head coach Lior Schwartzberg and assistant Alexander Lieu led the Wolfpack to one of its most successful seasons to date, amassing a 28–8 overall record, while capturing two of three nationwide Jewish high school basketball tournament championships. David Draiman — Lead singer for the band Disturbed attended Valley Torah High School. Aaron Liberman — Currently playing for the Northwestern Wildcats men's basketball team. Liberman is the first player in Big Ten history to wear a yarmulke in a game. Official website