Year 1124 was a leap year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. March 26 – Henry I of England's forces defeat Norman rebels at Bourgtheroulde. April 27 – David I succeeds Alexander I to become King of Scotland. December 21 – Pope Honorius II succeeds Pope Callixtus II, as the 163rd pope. Gaufrid is consecrated as the first Abbot of Dunfermline Abbey; the Dun Beal Gallimhe is erected by King Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair of Connacht. In Ireland, Saint Malachy, the great reformer of the Church, is made a bishop. Approximate date – High School of Glasgow founded as the choir school of Glasgow Cathedral in Scotland. Arnald becomes the first Bishop of Greenland. July 7 – Tyre falls to the Crusaders. Ottokar III of Styria, Margrave Possible date – Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine, queen consort successively of France and England, patron of the arts February 2 – Bořivoj II, Duke of Bohemia March 15 – Ernulf, Bishop of Rochester April 23 – King Alexander I of Scotland December 13 – Pope Callixtus II Guibert of Nogent, French historian and theologian

Kang's Kitchen

Kang's Kitchen is a South Korean travel-reality show. It is a spin-off of the variety; the show airs every Fridays at 9.10 pm on cable channel tvN starting from December 5, 2017. The show was a success, recording an average rating of 8.3 percent, with its peak at 9.1 percent. On 12 December 2018's episode of New Journey to the West, it was revealed by producer Na Young-seok that season 2 of the show is in the works, with P. O joining the cast, it is set to air in the summer of 2019. Members of New Journey to the West season four runs a restaurant on Jeju Island. During the Season 4 of New Journey to the West, members had the opportunity to shoot their version of Youn's Kitchen in exchange for their prizes - a Lamborghini and a Porsche; the cars were an inside joke among the producers & scriptwriters, as they didn't think the members will be able to win, which backfired. Kang Ho-dong, a rookie chef, challenging cooking for the first time in his life, members of staff at a restaurant will be responsible for preparing ingredients, ordering food, entertaining guests.

Kang's Kitchen is held in Hallym, Jeju Island, pork cutlet is served to the guests of 10 teams selected through lottery. Kang Ho-dong: Head chef Eun Ji-won: Hall manager Lee Soo-geun: Part-timer Ahn Jae-hyun: Sous chef Song Min-ho: Part-timer P. O: Sous Chef Cho Kyu-hyun: Head Chef Baek Jong-won Na Young-seok: Na Slave In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings; this drama aired on a cable channel/pay TV which has a smaller audience compared to free-to-air TV/public broadcasters. Official website

Nino Luraghi

Nino Luraghi is an Italian historian of ancient Greece, who holds the Wykeham Professorship of Ancient History at Oxford University. Luraghi is the son of an Italian resistance fighter and historian, he studied at the universities of Venice and Rome, where he received his doctorate in 1992 with a thesis on archaic tyrannies. From 1995 to 1997 he was an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at the University of Freiburg, continued until 1999 as a research assistant. Concurrently he was assistant professor of ancient history at the University of Parma from 1997 to 1999. From 1999 to 2003 Luraghi was assistant professor of the classics at Harvard University. In 2008 he moved to Princeton University where in 2009 he became David Magie'97 Class of 1897 Professor of Classics. In 2018 Oxford University appointed him to the Wykeham Professorship of Ancient History. AuthorTirannidi arcaiche in Sicilia e Magna Grecia. Florence, 1994; the Ancient Messenians: Constructions of Ethnicity and Memory. Cambridge, 2008. EditorThe Historian's Craft in the Age of Herodotus.

Oxford, 2001. Formen römischer Geschichtsschreibung von den Anfängen bis Livius. Darmstadt, 2003. Helots and their Masters at Laconia and Messenia: Histories, Structures. Cambridge, 2003; the Politics of Ethnicity and the Crisis of the Peloponnesian League. Cambridge, 2009. (with Hans-Joachim Gehrke} Intentional History: Spinning Time. Stuttgart, 2010; the Splendors and Miseries of Ruling Alone. Stuttgart, 2013 The Polis in the Hellenistic World. Stuttgart, 2018. Prof. Dr. Nino Luraghi, Center of Excellence, Cultural Foundations of Social Integration, University of Konstanz