Go Round (song)

"Go Round" is a song by Japanese recording artist Namie Amuro from her tenth studio album Uncontrolled. It was released as a double a-side single with another album track "Yeah-Oh" and was served as the fourth single on March 21, 2012 by Avex Trax. "Go Round" was written by Aili, produced by T-Sk and co-composed by Tesung Kim and Australian duo Nervo. With a cover sleeve, photographed by Takaki Kumada, showing Amuro in front of a blurry window pane, "Go Round" was recorded both in English and Japanese language and is a dance-pop song. "Go Round" received mixed reviews from music critics, many whom highlighted it from the parent album and commended the composition while some felt the production and lyrics were generic and regressive. Charting in conjunction with "Yeah-Oh", the double a-side reached number four on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan. Both songs charted on the Japan Hot 100 and the Taiwanese Singles Chart and were both certified gold for digital sales.

For promotion, an accompanying music video was shot for the single and has been performed on two concert tours by Amuro. "Go Round" was written by Aili, produced by T-Sk and co-composed by Tesung Kim and Australian duo Nervo. The song was recorded in early-2012 at Avex Studios in Japan by Ryosuke Kataoka. Both "Go Round" and "Yeah-Oh" are Amuro's first collaborations with Nervo, who went on to compose "Hot Girls", "Love Story" and "Let's Go" from the album Uncontrolled. Amuro recorded an English version of the track that featured on the parent album and was written by Nervo, while the Bilingual version was used as the single version. Musically, "Go Round" is an "uplifting" dance-pop and 80s electropop song."Go Round" was released as a double-aside with another album track "Yeah-Oh" on March 21, 2012 in CD, DVD and digital format by Avex Trax, as the fourth and final single for the singer's tenth studio album Uncontrolled. The cover sleeve features two shots of Amuro in front of a blurry window pane.

The digital EP uses the "Go Round" DVD cover, featuring the instrumental edits of both songs on all three formats, the DVD version includes the music videos to both songs. "Go Round" received mixed reviews from most music critics. Tetsuo Hiraga was positive towards the track, commending the "thick violent beat" and her softer vocals, he labelled the track "cool and sweet". As a double a-side single, he concluded that her vocals and sound were "monumental". David Cirone from commended the composition, but criticized the English versions by explaining, "The album’s one disappointing move is the re-recording of the double-A-single “Go Round/Yeah-Oh” Both songs contained a beautiful blend of English/Japanese in their original release a few months prior, but on the “album version,” they’ve gone full-English, it’s a step backwards. Amuro’s delivery is solid enough to keep it together, but the re-worked lyrics bring the song down to junior-high level."Toz from Selective Hearing was mixed in his review, stating ""Go Round" is the song with the lesser amount of electro-pop.

While it’s not my favourite Namie song, she sounds much more comfortable on this electro-pop bed than heard. But, it does sound a bit too lackluster, which could lose a few people." However, Michael McCarthy was critical towards the lyrics and composition, labelling them "bland" and found the composition "random dance pop" and not "impressive". Charting in conjunction with "Yeah-Oh", "Go Round/Yeah-Oh" entered and peaked at number four on the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart, her lowest charting single since 2005 single "White Light/Violet Sauce" at seven; the a-side single stayed in the charts for nine weeks, becoming her shortest spanning single in the charts since her 2007 single "Funky Town" with seven weeks. The single sold over 65,000 units in Japan, becoming her lowest selling single since "Funky Town" but were both surpassed by her 2012 single "Big Boys Cry/Beautiful" with 32,000 units sold in Japan. "Go Round/Yeah-Oh" was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for shipments of 100,000 units in Japan.

Both "Go Round" and "Yeah-Oh" charted individually on the Japan Hot 100 chart at two and thirty-four respectively. Shigeaki Kubo directed the accompanying music video, which featured Amuro in a black and white tuxedo and in a white dress, inside of a diary locket and a cubic maze; the music video was included on the DVD version of both Uncontrolled. Amuro uploaded a teaser video of "Go Round" on her YouTube channel on March 15, 2012, alongside two additional television commercials promoting both "Go Round" and "Yeah-Oh"."Go Round" was used as the TV commercial theme song for Japanese cosmetic company Kosee for their new lipstick launch Esprique. "Go Round" has been included in two of Amuro's live Japanese tours concert: 5 Major Domes Tour 2012 - 20th Anniversary Best and Namie Amuro Feel Tour 2013. These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Go Round/Yeah-Oh". "CD Single and digital download""Go Round" — 3:31 "Yeah-Oh" — 3:26 "Go Round" — 3:31 "Yeah-Oh" — 3:26"CD and DVD bundle""Go Round" — 3:31 "Yeah-Oh" — 3:26 "Go Round" — 3:31 "Yeah-Oh" — 3:26 "Go Round" "Yeah-Oh" Namie Amuro – vocals T-Sk – composition, production Tesung Kim – composition Olivia Nervo – composition Miriam Nervo – composition Aili – songwriting Hide Kawada – music direction Susumu Isa – vocal direction Rec

Stanley L. Wood

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