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Single emergency number in Georgia 112
When Seconds Count...
When Seconds Count...
Abbreviation "112" Georgia
Formation 2012

Governmental organization

Legal Entity of Public Law
Coordinates 41°44′17″N 44°45′20″E / 41.737968°N 44.755683°E / 41.737968; 44.755683
Region served
Official language
Georgian, English, Russian, German, French
Main organ
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Website www.112.ge

The 112 Georgia Emergency and Operative Response Center was created in 2012 by the country of Georgia Ministry of Internal Affairs,[1] as a "Legal Entity of Public Law". The service was created for establishing an effective emergency communication system. It is a 24-hour emergency response center that receives calls from all over Georgia via the unified emergency number: 1-1-2.

Before this there existed 3 independent emergency numbers in Georgia for Fire/Rescue, Police patrol, and Medical emergencies.

The emergency response center has centralized, unified electronic communications, monitoring of emergency services, and harmonized emergency number usage within Europe.

Aim and functions[edit]

The key aim of "112" is to provide advanced and maximally available assistance to the citizens during emergency situations. It unites three emergency response centers in Georgia: Fire / Rescue, Patrol Police, Medical Emergency, and road safety management all over Tbilisi. The service is also intended to raise public awareness about how to behave in emergency situations, and to establish appropriate educational programs regarding the emergency issues in coordination with the proper bodies.

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