Year 1130 was a common year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar. January 22 – Jin–Song Wars: Jin forces take Hangzhou. February 4 – Jin–Song Wars: Jin forces take Shaoxing. February 14 – Pope Innocent II succeeds Pope Honorius II, as the 164th pope. Other factions, support Anacletus II as pope, leading to the papal schism of 1130, Innocent flees to France. March 26 – Magnus IV and his uncle Harald Gille become joint kings of Norway, starting the civil war era in Norway. April 24 – Jin–Song Wars: Battle of Huangtiandang – Naval forces of the Song Dynasty trap Wuzhu's Jin troops in the city for 48 days. December 25 – Antipope Anacletus crowns Roger II of Sicily king. Approximate date – Magnus the Strong is deposed as king of Götaland, when Sverker the Elder proclaims himself king of Sweden. Eustace IV of Boulogne, a Count of Boulogne and the son and heir of King Stephen of England Daoji, Chinese Buddhist monk Baldwin III of Jerusalem Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke Zhu Xi, Chinese Confucian scholar February 13 – Pope Honorius II March 26 – King Sigurd I of Norway October 16 – Pedro González de Lara, Castilian magnate November 11 – Teresa of León, Countess of Portugal, Portuguese regent date unknown Brahmadeva, Indian mathematician Maud, 2nd Countess of Huntingdon Robert of Bellême, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury Alam al-Malika, Yemenite politician Diemoth, German nun and writer

Seasons of Fear

Seasons of Fear is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. When the Doctor manages to bring Charley to Singapore in 1930, they meet the immortal being Sebastian Grayle whose secret power they must discover in order to defeat him. Travelling across Earth in four different periods of its history, the Doctor comes face to face with an old enemy... The Doctor — Paul McGann Charley PollardIndia Fisher Grayle — Stephen Perring Marcus — Robert Curbishley LuciliusStephen Fewell Edward — Lennox Greaves Edith — Sue Wallace Lucy MartinJustine Mitchell Richard Martin — Stephen Fewell Grayle's Masters' Voices — Robert Curbishley The Auditor — Don Warrington Big Finish Productions - Seasons of Fear

Celebration Church and Outreach Ministry

The Celebration Church and Outreach Ministry, is a non-denominational Christian ministry in Richmond, Virginia. It was founded in 2001 in a small warehouse across from Pure Pleasure off Midlothian Turnpike. Starting with just one bus for transporting people to the various programs offered, by the time they moved to a larger location - just a few blocks down from the original location - they had nearly 10 buses running. Presently, the church is located in an old flea market on Midlothian Turnpike, has several dozen buses running for various programs on a weekly and semi-weekly basis. Next to it is one of the church's thrift stores, "The Love of Jesus Thrift Store." The ministry was founded in 2001 in Virginia. When it first started it was an outreach center with a Christian theme, it soon transformed into a church. As of January 2009, the ministry had gone from 19 people, to an average weekly attendance of over 10,000, ranging from Richmond's poorest in the worst projects, to its most wealthy; the church attracted a variety of personalities, from college students, to drug users, to school teachers, to business men & women, to the elderly and the homeless.

The church focuses its outreach on urban lifestyle issues such as housing. The church was founded as a place; this group targets residents of public housing projects and dilapidated homes. The church has several ministries, there is a wide variety of classes and programs offered on a daily basis. Everything ranging from food giveaways and men's motorcycle ministry, to Christian recovery programs and physical fitness. Introducing people to the new life and hope, found in Jesus is the churches focus. Celebration Church and Outreach Ministry is non-denominational, soulwinning church. However, the teachings resemble those of evangelical doctrine; the Church holds a Thursday night Bible Study at 7:00pm and a Saturday night worship services at 6:00pm that includes Biblical teaching, food giveaways and live music. The Church offers a kids' service for children and teen ministry earlier in the day; the church has created and supports "discipleship homes," or residential rehabilitation facilities for those who are drug addicted, in need or being released from jail.

There is a home for battered women with women who are homeless. These homes are free of charge; those who enter the discipleship program are not charged rent, but in exchange are taught the Bible daily, required to attend church services and work in different areas of the church. A 12-step Christian recovery program is taught in some of the facilities and offers free counseling through a partnership it has in the greater Richmond area. Www. Official website