Year 1150 was a common year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. Cubbie Roo's Castle is built on Orkney. A Benedictine priory is founded at Birkenhead, resulting in the first recorded Mersey Ferry. Christchurch Priory is founded in England. Castle Rising is built in England by William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel; the University of Paris, now known as the Sorbonne, is founded. Christian Malone writes his Irish Chronology; the city of Neuruppin is founded in Germany. The city of Rinteln is founded in Germany. Middle Dutch begins to be spoken in the Low Countries. Peter the Lombard publishes Sentences. Dryburgh Abbey is founded by Hugh de Morville, Constable of Scotland); the first doctorate degree is awarded in France. The Byzantine Empire defeats the Serbian Grand Principality and the Kingdom of Hungary in the Battle of Tara. Joscelin II of Edessa is taken prisoner during the Second Crusade; the city of Ashkelon is fortified by its Fatimid rulers. The earliest textual reference is made to Gypsies.

The temple at Angkor Wat is completed in Khmer. October 8 – Narapatisithu, king of Burma date unknown Alix of France, countess consort and regent of Blois Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut Leo I, King of Armenia Rosamund Clifford, mistress of Henry II of England Saxo Grammaticus, Danish historian Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury William de Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber approximate date – Umadevi, Indian queen and general Margaret of Beverley, Christian pilgrim January 9 – Emperor Xizong of Jin, third ruler of the Jurchen Jin Dynasty April 8 – Gertrude of Babenberg, Duchess of Bohemia November 21 – García Ramírez of Navarre "the Restorer" date unknown Suryavarman II, Khmer king, builder of Angkor Wat Barisan of Ibelin, figure in the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem Pribislav of Brandenburg, last king of the Hevelli

National Highway 71 (India)

National Highway 71 is a National Highway in India, that lies in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This highway connects with Coastal Andhra Pradesh; the western terminal starts at the junction of National Highway 42 near Madanapalle and terminates at the junction of National Highway 16 near Naidupeta in the east. It starts at Madanapalle and passes through Vayalpad, Pileru, Tirupati and Yerpedu before it ends at Nayudupeta road, it has a route length of 190.6 km. NH 42 Terminal near Madanapalle NH 40 near Pileru NH 140 near Tirupati NH 716 near Renigunta NH 565 near Yerpedu NH 16 Terminal near Nayudupeta List of National Highways in India by highway number List of National Highways in India by state NH 71 on OpenStreetMap

Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu

Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu is a 2019 Indian Malayalam-language action romance film written and directed by Arun Gopy and produced by Tomichan Mulakuppadam through the company Mulakuppadam Films. The film stars Rachel David. Gokul Suresh appears in a cameo role. Gopi Sundar composed the music and Abinandhan Ramanujam was the cinematographer. Peter Hein choreographed the action for Vivek Harshan was the film editor; the film's principal photography took place between July and December 2018 in Goa, Bali and Hyderabad. Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu was released in India and Gulf Cooperation Council territories on 25 January 2019 by Mulakuppadam Release; the story brought up in Goa. The movie starts with the New Year's Eve wherein Macaroni and his girlfriend is celebrating. Much to his annoyance there comes the entry of Abusi and his henchmen who demand the money borrowed by Baba as he was the one who assured the guarantee for payment. Macroni flees and is caught by Abusi's men who takes him to their place.

After some time Baba appears at their house and he is caught by them. This leads to the entry of Appu, Baba's only son, an expert surfer and jet ski rider. Appu settles a small amont of money and bails out Macroni and Baba. On the eve of Russian new year Appu is confronted by Zaya as she was creating a scene there since she lost her phone. Appu agrees to drop her to her homestay but is forced to take her to his homestay as she can't remember the location of her homestay since she was drunk. Appu and Zaya become good friends and they do a variety of activities in goa such as visiting tourist places and going to casinos. Appu starts developing feelings for Zaya, he decides to convey his feelings to her but when he reciprocates his feelings she gets freked out and runs away. When he goes to her the next day he finds out that she has gone away from Goa to her hometown in Kerala. After a few days, Baba approaches him and suggests that he go to Kerala to know whether she had feelings towards him, he reaches Kerala with Macroni.

When he goes to her Palatial house's entrance he finds it locked and finds out that all of them have gone for an engagement ceremony. Feeling sad he decides to make it to the church and finds out that it was Zaya's sisters engament but is shocked to know that zaya was a nun; this leads to the formation of various mysteries in his mind and when he confronts Zaya at her convent she reveals that she became a nun because of various consequences as she was sexually exploited by her uncle who worked for the police and this fact was not known to any of her family members as she feared to tell them fearing more harm from her uncle. She becomes a nun because she found out that her uncle didn't show any sort of respect towards any other women but nuns. Appu understands Zaya's plight and assures that he will always be there for her and learns that Zaya loves him and she much aspires to become a free spirited young girl. On the eve of Zaya's sister's pre-wedding function Appu is employed as a waiter there since the owner of the lodge in which he was staying was organising the wedding and he has not paid the rent of the lodge so he decides to take up work as a waiter to clear his dues and in order to meet and converse with Zaya.

But as he converses with Zaya he is confronted by her uncle who beats him up and he is thrown out of the function along with the other workers and he is caught by police due to Zaya's uncles initiation. He is freed the next day because of the lodge owner's initiation, he rushes to the wedding, beats up Zaya's uncle and his men and walks out holding Zaya's hand. They are chased by police and they resort to take up shelter for a day in a priest's convent lodging's. Over there they receive the help of Francis who assures to take them to the railway station without striking their presence in the eyes of police, they are brought to the station and they board the train. However they are shocked to find his men in the train who are in a hunt for them; as they run away from them to a different compartment they are surprised to find Baba who tells Appu that if he wants to live with her, he must stop running away and face them with courage. Taking account of Baba's words Appu decides to fight and this leads to a serious fight between Appu, Zaya's uncle and his men.

However Appu overpowers them but is caught by the police in the next station and is taken for questioning. When they go for questioning they come to know that Zaya running away with Appu has resulted in huge media attention as it was a subject of communalism in media's language. After the initiation of a bishop they decide; when Appu asks whether she has any last words for him she hugs him tightly. She is interrupted by her father and this leads to Zaya mustering courage to reveal what she was subjected to when she was young and how she had to live with it; this leads to the sudden understanding of her parents but her uncle who want to defend his stand walks up to Zaya to slap her, stopped by her mother and she slaps him. He is given a legal punishment and Appu moves to Goa with Zaya. Appu clears away the dues which he had with Abusi after selling Macroni's land in Kerala and lives wit