The Hand & Flowers

The Hand & Flowers is a gastropub in Marlow, Buckinghamshire that opened in 2005. Owned and operated by Tom Kerridge and his wife Beth Cullen-Kerridge, it gained its first Michelin star within a year of opening and a second in the 2012 list, making it the first pub to hold two Michelin stars, it was named the AA Restaurant of the Year for 2011–12. The pub was purchased in 2005 by his wife Beth, who ran the front of house. Located in Marlow, Buckinghamshire on West Street, only a few doors down from where Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein; the pub gained its first Michelin star, three AA rosettes in under a year. At the AA Restaurant and Hotel Awards 2011-12 the pub was named the AA Restaurant of the Year for England; the Hand and Flowers was upgraded to two Michelin stars in the 2012 list, the first time a pub has held two stars. Michelin Guide editor Rebecca Burr said of The Hands and Flowers, "Tom’s cooking has risen to new heights, his dishes are sophisticated yet familiar and are a perfect match for the relaxed surroundings of his charming pub."After Kerridge appeared on the BBC television show the Great British Menu, he added his two winning dishes to the menu at The Hand & Flowers.

Another item on the menu is a hot chocolate tart with cacao from the estates of Willie Harcourt-Cooze. Vegetarian dishes are created ad hoc as required, rely on the invention of the chefs; the Hand & Flowers has four suites for rent in two refurbished cottages. Each suite has a separate entrance, the suites are each decorated around a different centerpiece such as a copper bath or private terrace and hot tub. Official website

Hamoud Al-Mousa

Hamoud Al-Mousa is a Syrian journalist and activist. He is the co-founder and spokesperson for Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a group of citizen journalists who report on the terrorist acts committed by ISIS in Syria. In January 2016, the International Business Times described RBSS as “the most reliable source of information from inside Raqqa.” German historian Michael Wolffsohn has compared RBSS to White Rose, the resistance organization during the Third Reich. On December 15, 2013, Almousa was described as being 20 years old, he lives in exile in Turkey. He is living in USA now. Almousa studied Law at Al-Furat University, He did not complete his studies because the Syrian revolution started when he was in the first semester. While he was a student, he organized nonviolent protests against the Syrian government. Almousa acted as a media activist and organizer of nonviolent protests during the early period of the uprising against the Assad regime, Almousa was arrested by Syrian authorities four times in 2011-2012.

Al Mousa was arrested by Ahrar Al Sham in 2013. In 2013, Almousa was shot in the left leg by Lewaa Thwaar Alraqqa. After ISIS took over Raqqa in January 2014, Almousa escaped to Turkey, where he and other journalists founded RBSS. Threats from the Islamic State in Turkey caused him to flee to Germany to the USA. RBSS documents life under ISIS on social media and through photographs and videos that are smuggled abroad. Almousa, like most exiled RBSS members, lived in Germany, but now he lives in USA; as of November 2015, Almousa was working with seven RBSS members outside Raqqa to publish information gathered by twelve members living in or near Raqqa. In January 2016, the International Business Times stated that 17 RBSS members were “working inside Raqqa.” “Since April 2014,” reported the Huffington Post in November 2015, RBSS members “have secretly produced the most sustained coverage of life under Islamic State control.” Alhamza -Member of RBSS- told the Post, “We are fighting for our city. We don't have weapons.

We are fighting online.” He added: “We cover everything because our duty is for our city.” Alhamza admitted to the Post that ISIS had made it difficult for his group to do its work. “All of us,” he said, “are accepting that any one of us will be killed at any time or anywhere.” ISIS has killed four RBSS members. One of them was Ibrahim Abdel Qader, beheaded on October 30, 2015, at age 22. Qader had been active in documenting ISIS atrocities. RBSS won the 2015 International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists. Almousa accepted the award in New York on 25 November 2015 on behalf of the organization. Almousa accepted the 2015 Foreign Policy Global Thinkers Award on behalf of RBSS. Writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In February 2017, Garry Kasparov and Thor Halvorssen noted Almousa's work as a "noble struggle against tyranny.despite the danger" Almousa is journalist featured in the film City of Ghosts. Hamoud is a 23-year-old co-founder of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.

While in high-school, Hamoud became active in the Syrian revolution and started filming the protests in the streets of Raqqa. He embedded with the Free Syrian Army as they fought to liberate Raqqa from Assad's forces; when ISIS took over his hometown in 2014, he became a vocal critic of the terrorist organization and helped found RBSS. ISIS put a bounty out for Hamoud and he was forced to leave Raqqa. After ISIS was unable to track Hamoud down, they instead arrested and assassinated his father publicly releasing a video showing the execution. A few months Hamoud learned that one of his brothers had been assassinated by ISIS while another brother has disappeared. Now living in exile, Hamoud is determined to continue his work with RBSS, he became a father and named his first child Mohamed, in honor of his deceased father. Almousa's father was killed by ISIS in Syria. Almousa's old brother was killed by ISIS in Idlib, Syria. Almousa's young brother was arrested by ISIS since 2015 in Syria. Almousa's Website