115 (number)

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Cardinal one hundred fifteen
Ordinal 115th
(one hundred fifteenth)
Factorization 5 × 23
Divisors 1, 5, 23, 115
Greek numeral ΡΙΕ´
Roman numeral CXV
Binary 11100112
Ternary 110213
Quaternary 13034
Quinary 4305
Senary 3116
Octal 1638
Duodecimal 9712
Hexadecimal 7316
Vigesimal 5F20
Base 36 3736

115 (one hundred [and] fifteen) is the natural number following 114 and preceding 116.

In mathematics[edit]

115 has a square sum of divisors:[1]

There are 115 different rooted trees with exactly eight nodes,[2] 115 inequivalent ways of placing six rooks on a 6 × 6 chess board in such a way that no two of the rooks attack each other,[3] and 115 solutions to the stamp folding problem for a strip of seven stamps.[4]

115 is also a heptagonal pyramidal number.[5] The 115th Woodall number,

is a prime number.[6]

In science[edit]

In other fields[edit]

115 is also the fire service emergency number in Mauritius[7] and Italy,[8] and the ambulance emergency number in Vietnam.[9]

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