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The following radio stations broadcast on AM frequency 1170 kHz:[1] 1170 AM is a United States clear-channel frequency. Class A status is shared by two stations: KFAQ Tulsa, Oklahoma and WWVA Wheeling, West Virginia.[2]

In Argentina[edit]

In Australia[edit]

  • 2CH in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

In Mexico[edit]

In Slovenia[edit]

In the Philippines[edit]

In the United Kingdom[edit]

In the United States[edit]

  • KBOB in Davenport, Iowa
  • KCBQ in San Diego, California
  • KFAQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • KJJD in Windsor, Colorado
  • KJNP (AM) in North Pole, Alaska
  • KJXX in Jackson, Missouri
  • KLOK (AM) in San Jose, California
  • KOWZ in Waseca, Minnesota
  • KPUG in Bellingham, Washington
  • KYET in Golden Valley, Arizona
  • WAVS in Davie, Florida
  • WCLN (AM) in Clinton, North Carolina
  • WCTF in Vernon, Connecticut
  • WCXN in Claremont, North Carolina
  • WDEK in Lexington, South Carolina
  • WDFB (AM) in Junction City, Kentucky
  • WFDL (AM) in Waupun, Wisconsin
  • WFPB (AM) in Orleans, Massachusetts
  • WGMP in Montgomery, Alabama
  • WKFL in Bushnell, Florida
  • WLEO in Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • WQHC in Hanceville, Alabama
  • WRPM in Poplarville, Mississippi
  • WSOS (AM) in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida
  • WWLE in Cornwall, New York
  • WWTR in Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • WWVA (AM) in Wheeling, West Virginia