Year 1181 was a common year starting on Thursday of the Julian calendar. The Yowa era, marked by famine, begins in Japan. Jayavarman VII assumes control of the Khmer Kingdom. After a series of defeats, the Almohad navy, under the admiral Ahmad al-Siqilli, crushes the Portuguese fleet and reasserts its control over the Atlantic Ocean; the word Albigensians is first used by chronicler Geoffroy du Breuil of Vigeois, to describe the inhabitants of Albi, France. Philip Augustus annuls all loans made by Jews to Christians, takes a percentage for himself. A year he confiscates all Jewish property and expels the Jews from Paris. Chinese and Japanese astronomers observe what has since come to be understood as supernova SN 1181. One of only eight supernovae in the Milky Way observed in recorded history, it appears in the constellation Cassiopeia, is visible in the night sky for about 185 days; the radio source 3C58 is thought to be the remnant from this event. Guilhem VIII, lord of Montpellier in France, frees the teaching of medicine from any monopoly..

September 1 – Pope Lucius III succeeds Pope Alexander III, as the 171st pope. Mathilde of Angoulême, French noble January 30 – Emperor Takakura of Japan March 16 – Henry I, Count of Champagne March 21 – Taira no Kiyomori, Samurai leader of Japan June 30 – Hugh de Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester, English politician August 30 – Pope Alexander III Adela of Meissen, queen consort of Denmark Lucas, Archbishop of Esztergom Taira no Kiyomori, Japanese warlord As-Salih Ismail al-Malik, ruler of Syria

Unnecessary Trouble

"Unnecessary Trouble" is a song by American recording artist Demetria McKinney. The song is written by R&B singer Kandi; the song was met with positive to mixed reviews by critics. Singersroom reviewed the song in their article "Kandi opens the song with a verse to warn McKinney of the shady things her man has been doing behind her back, to which McKinney refuses to believe. “Girl don’t tell me sh*t bout my man no more / Just like I don’t say what I heard about yours,” Demetria replies." "This whole situation played out on a season of RHOA. Could this song be inspired by real-life events regarding McKinney’s CEO boyfriend Roger Bobb? In the Derek Blanks-directed clip, the ladies poke fun at the show's drama by spoofing Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live!" Hosted by Andy Cohen. Now, as it’s time for her to build add to her own discography, she releases a duet with mentor and musical vet Kandi Burruss; the track, about two women figuring out what the boundaries of their friendship are when it comes to speaking on each other’s personal lives, is a gem."

The video premiered on RTD Entertainment's official YouTube channel on December 26, 2015. The music video was uploaded to McKinney's VEVO account on January 3, 2016; the video was directed by Derek Blanks and featured a cameo from Real Housewives of Atlanta guest starring cast member Claudia Jordan. Digital download"Unnecessary Trouble" – 3:57 Official website

Morristown Municipal Airport

Morristown Airport is in Morris County, New Jersey three miles east of downtown Morristown. Operated by DM AIRPORTS, LTD, it is in the Whippany section of Hanover; the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015 called it a general aviation reliever airport. President Donald Trump flies into the airport on an Air Force Boeing C-32 operating as Air Force One during his weekend visits and 2017 summer vacation at his home at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, about 24 miles southwest of the airport. Judge Joseph Stamler of New Jersey Superior Court issued a 1969 opinion in a case regarding noise from business jets operating at the airport, brought by residents and governments of surrounding municipalities, in which he set a curfew limiting takeoffs and landings during overnight hours; the judge said, "the giants of industry will see the wisdom of slowing the cross-country speed of their important executives, will take a close, concerned look at the little people of this country" who were dealing with the impact of noise and ticket prices.

In the year ending August 30, 2012, the airport had 72,702 aircraft operations, an average of 199 per day: 84% general aviation, 15% air taxi, 1% military and <1% airline. In November 2016, there were 194 aircraft based at this airport: 89 single-engine, 17 multi-engine, 81 jet and 7 helicopter. Morristown Airport covers 625 acres at an elevation of 187 feet, it has two asphalt runways: 5/23 is 5,998 by 150 feet and 13/31 is 3,997 by 150 feet. There are two fixed-base operators: Signature Flight Support. Morristown Airport is home to multiple based Jet Charter Operators available to the public, it has four flight schools on site: American Flyers, ATP, Certified Flyers, NOVA Aviation. No routes are operating due to the departure of Ultimate Air Shuttle, which used to fly to Cincinnati-Lunken Transportation in New York City List of airports in New Jersey Morristown Airport, official website Morristown Airport at New Jersey DOT Airport Directory Signature Flight Support and FTC FBO, the fixed-base operators Taxi and Car Service at Morristown Airport, Transportation Aerial image as of March 1991 from USGS The National Map FAA Airport Diagram, effective February 27, 2020 FAA Terminal Procedures for MMU, effective February 27, 2020 Resources for this airport: FAA airport information for MMU AirNav airport information for KMMU ASN accident history for MMU FlightAware airport information and live flight tracker NOAA/NWS weather observations: current, past three days SkyVector aeronautical chart, Terminal Procedures