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11 Listopada
Directed by Kamil Kulczycki
Urszula Szałata
Produced by Hieronim Kulczycki
Written by Kamil Kulczycki
Urszula Szałata
Music by Piotr Dębski
RV Studio
Release date
  • 11 November 2008 (2008-11-11)
Country Poland
Language Polish

11 listopada (English: The 11th of November) is a 2008 Polish war film directed by Kamil Kulczycki and Urszula Szałata. The film presents a series of events which led to the first execution of civilians in occupied Poland.


The 11th of November is set shortly before and at the beginning of World War II. It tells the story of a group of Scouts from Zielonka, a small town near Warsaw, who, finding themselves unable to come to terms with the German occupation, decided to continue in secret their scouting activity. One night, on the eve of 11 November 1939 (Polish Independence Day), they put up in the streets of the town 15 hand-made posters with the text of Rota (The Oath), a poem and an anthem by Maria Konopnicka. In the gloomy reality of the German occupation this act was supposed to express hope. Perhaps they were dreaming of a moment of hesitation from a passer-by, rising hearts, a kind smile at this manifestation of national solidarity.


  • Maciej Skowronek as Jan Rudzki
  • Artur Jarząbek as Kazimierz Stawiarski
  • Mariusz Domagała as Stanisław Golcz
  • Bartosz Kulikowski as Zbigniew Dymek
  • Paweł Marczuk as Józef Wyrzykowski
  • Sławomir Koc as Józef Kulczycki

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